Saturday, March 6, 2021

Dream vacation in “Jail”

Magazine Unusual places Dream vacation in “Jail”

The “Alcatraz” is located in the western German in Kaiserslautern city and for those who want to spend a night behind bars for that experience must paid 52 euros.

The hotel was earlier a prison but building was purchased by two lawyers who rearranged it  into one of the most interesting European hotel.

From the room that really look like a cell, to the hotel bar that surround the prison bars, the owners of “Alcatraz” were determined to preserve the ancient spirit and atmosphere of the building.

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„We made adventurous hotel with a unique ambience and preserved the original prison atmosphere,” says co-owner of the hotel Andreas Kish.

Just like in prison, in the bedrooms, or cells, are the toilets, so we can ask whay people would pay 52 euros to sleep next to a toilet bowl?

“Our target group are typical hotel guests who are looking for a classic modern room, but we also have guests who want to spend the night in a cell and feel what it’s like to be in prison.

If they wish, these people give pijamas with prison stripes on where exactly their name – explains Kis.

Although the cell windows continue to set grid, once visitors get fully experience of the magic of the “Alcatraz”  they can leave whenever they want.

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