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Runaway Bay

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Runaway Bay is a village in Saint Ann Parish on Jamaica’s northern coast. It is widely regarded as one of the island’s most naturally beautiful areas. It is a popular tourist spot situated 16 kilometers (9.9 miles) west of Ocho Rios and somewhat east of Discovery Bay, the location of Christopher Columbus’ 1494 landing. At Runaway Bay, Ocean View Beach is a private beach. It is made up of a succession of hotel resorts and beaches.

The term originates from the fact that it was formerly used as a path of escape by escaped slaves. Although the Arawaks were the earliest indigenous residents, they were finally annihilated by Spanish invaders.

According to the 2011 census, the population was 8,640, approximately eight times the population of 1,116 in the 1970 census.

Samantha Kaine, a Canadian actress who starred in the 2002 film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, was born in the town. Noel Coward, a British composer and performer, resided and is buried at adjacent Port Maria. Additionally, Ian Fleming resided in neighboring Oracabessa. Not far inland, in the hills south of Runaway Bay, lies the town of Nine Mile, the birthplace and boyhood home of Bob Marley.

Reef sites like as the Canyon and Ricky’s Reef are accessible through scheduled dives provided by the majority of hotels. It is reputed to provide the greatest offshore diving and snorkeling options in Jamaica. Runaway Bay is a vacation village known for its excellent offshore reef, which attracts snorkelers and scuba divers. A pair of crashed airplanes may also be observed at the Ganja Planes diving site.

At Breezes Runaway Bay Resort & Golf Club, Runaway Bay is home to an eighteen-hole golf course that has held a number of championship competitions.

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Runaway Bay | Introduction


The settlement is named after the Runaway Bay African slaves who escaped from Jamaica to Cuba.

According to some versions, the place is named after the Spanish governor Ysasi, who fled to Cuba as the British invaders closed in.


Runaway Bay was both the location of the first Spanish colony on Jamaica and the departure point for the last Spanish soldiers after their defeat by the British in 1670.

Runaway Bay was first established as a tourist destination in the 1960s with the establishment of Cardiff Hall, which is now a housing development.

On Christmas Day 1957, the town was struck by a devastating explosion caused by a tanker carrying aviation fuel. The tanker was its route to St. James Parish’s Sangster International Airport. A guy who had previously been chastised by policeman Joseph Pennant for attempting to light a cigarette did so again, resulting in the explosion that killed 23 people and left another 70 in serious condition.


Two tiny mini-resorts are located between Falmouth and Ochos Rios: Discovery Bay and Runaway Bay. Runaway Bay is the most developed of the two bays, dominated by all-inclusive resorts. Runaway Bay is Jamaica’s smallest resort area. It is located 12 miles from Ochos Rios and 50 miles from Montego Bay. The one-street town of Runaway Bay is dotted with all-inclusive resorts and spans for three kilometers along the A1, where it merges with the adjacent community of Salem. Salem is the name given to the east end of Runaway Bay, although there is no apparent demarcation between the communities of Runaway Bay and Salem.


Numerous little beaches are ostensibly public, however the majority are located in the backyards of a few all-inclusive resorts. If you’re in the mood for a swim in the great blue, go to the white-sand Cardiff Hall Public Beach, which is located just across from the Shell petrol station. In Salem, there is a livelier (but littered) fishermen’s beach where the odd weekend sound-system party is held.


Runaway Bay is known for its outstanding diving. There is a wreck in shallow water just in front of Club Ambiance, as well as two automobiles and an aircraft off Club Caribbean’s coast. Ricky’s Reef is well-known for its sponges. Divers with more expertise may choose to explore the eponymous Canyon. Additionally, the Reggae Queen, a 30m-long sunken tugboat, is located here.

Resort Divers has been operating along this stretch of shore the longest, followed by Jamaica Scuba Divers.

Drinking & Nightlife

The majority of fun-seeking guests either make the short trip to Ocho Rios for after-hours entertainment or stick to what’s on at their resort. Bars and rum stores provide local entertainment.

When is the best time to visit Runaway Bay?

Jamaica’s central Caribbean position ensures pleasant temperatures all year. Summer is the warmest season, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees. Winter is somewhat colder, but still rather warm by UK standards — temperatures should linger in the mid- to high-twenties. This is the driest period to visit the island, with the majority of rain falling in the summer and autumn. June through November is hurricane season, with August and September being the most active months. However, severe storms are rather uncommon.



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