Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Things To See in Romania

EuropeRomaniaThings To See in Romania

Whether you’re searching for breathtaking scenery, old cultural traditions, busy city life, or exquisite historic legacy, there’s much to see in Romania. This nation has a variety of great sites, particularly if you want to acquire a sense of ancient Europe, the period of monasteries and castles.

Cities and castles

The bustling capital of Romania, Bucharest, may not be on the top of the typical traveller’s wish list, but if you’re willing to look, this city’s contentious mix of architectural types may just astound you. Visit the world’s biggest parliament building, the 1935 Romanian replica of the Arc de Triomphe, or one of the numerous museums. The magnificent Bran Castle, perched on a Transylvanian hilltop, is closely linked with Count Dracula’s legendary stories and is one of the country’s major tourist attractions. While there is no convincing proof that this castle was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s tales, it certainly matches the descriptions in the book and has a fascinating documented history of its own. Other noteworthy examples are the Neo-Renaissance Peleș castle in Sinaia and the Corvin castle near Hunedoara. The still-inhabited fortress of Sighişoara is unquestionably one of the most magnificent of its type. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site and has many of the characteristics of a medieval walled town. It is a beautiful place to visit. Other ancient cities worth visiting are Timișoara, the country’s second largest city, the famous mountain resort of Brașov, and Sibiu.

Natural attractions

For a more natural experience, visit the Danube Delta, Europe’s biggest river delta and one of the best-preserved. While it is mainly made up of vast marshes, it really has 23 distinct eco-systems. It is on a number of major migratory routes, and more than 320 bird species may be seen here in the summer. Aside from water systems, Romania is home to the biggest European populations of bears and wolves, who live in the country’s vast unspoiled woods. Rodna National Park and Biosphere Reserve, as well as Retezat National Park, are great locations to explore the country’s rough terrain, old-growth forests, and magnificent mountainous vistas, or walk to lovely water falls in Cheile Nerei-Beușnița National Park.

Countryside and monasteries

Include one of the numerous magnificent monasteries and cathedrals, like as the one in Horezu, a World Heritage Site renowned for its Brâncovenesc style architecture, in your itinerary. Alternatively, go to Southern Bukovina to visit some of the beautiful and well-known Painted Monasteries. Maramureş is another interesting area, designated by Unesco and popular with tourists for its wooden churches and Merry Cemetery. A visit to some of these more distant sites of worship comes with the added benefit of easy exploration of Romania’s beautiful countryside, where ancient traditions and craftsmanship are still alive despite fast growth.