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15 most unusual accommodation worldwide

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The world is full of luxury hotels and beautiful places where you can sleep. However, places that don`t stand out for their comfort but because of their eccentricity, are even better and more interesting.

See what all the unusual accomodation exist around the world and if you go to one of them, it’s sure you won’t forget that night.

Adrère Amellal, Siwa , Egypt

Imagine a palace in the middle of the desert and you had the impression how Adrère Amelal look like. This place is located in the middle of the saharan oasis Siwa and it is eight hours dusty drive from Cairo.

It is surrounded by the vast sandy areas, 18 meters below sea level. The palace is built of salt from the rocks and mud, and candles illuminate the room … Price: $ 460 for a single room 18 Mansour Mohamed St., Zamalek.

Saugerties Lighthouse, NY, USA

This beautiful restored lighthouse built in 1869 is located on the river Handson. It can be reached either by boat or a short walk through the countryside so it is advisable to get there during the day.

It offers an escape from hectic New York, and there you can spend the night and have breakfast.

Price: $ 225 per night 168 Lighthouse Drive Saugerties

Chapel of Rest, Derbyshire, England

This former “chapel of rest” is the perfect place to relax and think about your own mortality. It is located around the corner of Derbshir cemetery surrounded by ancient tombstones. In the chapel you can sleep in a queen-sized bed located on the site where once was located the altar.

Price: from $ 68 per night North End

Elqui Domos, Paihuano, Chile

This hotel, which is located in Elqui valley in Chile, resembles a futuristic building. Elqui Domos is a collection of seven geodesic domes, each of these have two parts for the rest with a window on the ceiling that provides a superb view of the sky.

With the telescope in each dome, never forget why you came in this city.

Price: from $ 120 Camino Publico Pisco Elqui a Horcon.

Bristol plane from 1950. Vaitomo, New Zealand

This plane is one of the last Allied aircraft from Vietnam, and now it’s turned into a motel. Four people can sleep in the cockpit, and another four in the tail of aircraft.

The motel is located within Woodlynne Park, where you can learn all about the culture of this country.

Price: $ 140 for the cockpit and  $ 133 the tail Woodlyn Park

All-American aluminum trailer, Arizona, USA

Stay at one of nine fully renovated aluminum trailer in Shady Part. Whether it’s the royal edition from 1951, equipped with a leopard carpets, glasses for martini, refined breakfast or Polynesian, with hand-carved bar, black-and-white TV and music from that period coming from the radio, the trailer will take you back in 1950 when people walked through the open in search of the American dream.

Price: $ 93 per night

Kadir’s tree House, Olympos, Antalya, Turkey

On the magnificent turkish coast there is the small village Olympus, where the hotels are known for a variety of shelters, especially by those who are on the tree. These simple wooden bungalows that are among the treetops are becoming increasingly popular for tourists.

Kadir, owns more than 100 bungalows and a few larger cabins and houses.

Price: from $ 20 per night

Blow Up Hall Hotel, Poznan, Poland

This bizarre, interactive hotel, named after the eponymous film from 1966, allows guests to participate in the creation of art. It is located around video installations and has 22 apartments, and a collection of contemporary art. There is no reception or numbers on doors, but instead of that guests use iPhone to open the room.

Price: from $ 33 per night

Rêve de Bisons, Rouen, France

On a farm near Rouen, you can revive the old way of American life while you wander around the herd of buffalo. It is best to visiti t in July and you may attend at the births of bison. Here you can experience the many adventures such as canoeing.

Price: $ 82 per night Terres du Muchedent

Trullo Azzurro, Pula, Italy

Trullo, small stone building, known throughout the Pula and wide the Italy. Traditionally built without the use of cement or mortar and look like stone hive. Their unique design makes that they look outside lot less than they are in; they have very thick walls that keep the freshness during the hot days of summer. Price: from 750-890 dollars a week

Cecilia Hostel, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cecilia Hotel in Ljubljana was once a prison. The rooms still have bars on the windows and doors are heavy and with padlocks. However, after the restauration  rooms are much more comfortable than when the prisoners lived in them. Hostel is located in a prime location to explore the city, and the prices are very reasonable.

Price: $ 20 per night

Swiss Customs Post, Hauterive-la-Fresse, France

This beautiful old house is located in the mountains of Jura. In the middle of lush meadows and pine trees, offers comfortable accommodation in a beautiful setting that will allow you to live few days the life of the hero of the movie “My song of my dreams.”

It also marks the border Le Saugeais, small Republic of France which has it`s own president, it`s own language, and even it`s national anthem.

Price: $ 110 per night

Gamirasu hotel-cave, Turkey

Sleeping in a cave is very comfortable, or so claims the management of this hotel. Here is a 30 room, a cave, which is over 1,000 years old, from the time of the Byzantine monks used to retreat.

Price: $ 130 per night

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

It is located 12 meters below the surface of the blue lagoon in Fiji, and to this underwater resort arriving with elevator. This place has all the qualities of a five star hotel, except that the walls are mostly transparent so you can enjoy the view of the underwater world.

Price: $ 15,000 a week, is included in the price and transportation, 2 nights in a separate apartment, diving and drinking wine.

Nine Hours Kyoto

“The Nine Hours” is a hotel whose rooms are in capsule form. While the hotel itself offers plenty of room, including the bathrooms, guests sleep in reinforced plastic capsules, which have all the usual amenities, such as TV, radio, lighting and access to the alarm.

The perfect place if you don’t suffer from claustrophobia.

Price: $ 64 a night.

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