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Destinations in Denmark

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Cities in Denmark

Denmark offers a number of charming cities. These are just a handful of the most popular among visitors:

  • Copenhagen (København) — Denmark’s capital and biggest city, with a metropolitan population of 1.2 million and a plethora of cultural activities and fascinating shopping influenced by Danish design traditions.
  • Aalborg — An ancient port town and industrial center with a historic and beautiful city center, notably the boisterous street of Jomfru Ane Gade, which has some of the country’s most lively nightlife.
  • Aarhus — With a population of 300,000 in its metropolitan area, Copenhagen is the biggest city on the Jutland peninsula and Denmark’s second largest city. Aarhus, being an educational center, provides numerous cultural activities as well as a lively and varied nightlife. Aarhus is also a center for food manufacturing and conferences, and it is one of the finest locations to dine in Denmark. One of the country’s most famous attractions is the magnificent Old Town open air museum, which has recreated old historic timber-framed buildings from all around Denmark.
  • Esbjerg — Denmark’s fishing and offshore oil and gas center, and just a 15-minute boat journey from the quaint island of Fanø. Esbjerg is adjacent to the vast Wadden Sea National Park.
  • Nykøbing Falster — You may visit the ancient abbey, the castle, or head off to the magnificent chalk cliffs of Møn or the island’s excellent beaches, which are sheltered by a lovely fjord.
  • Odense — Funen’s major city and Denmark’s third largest city, as well as the birthplace of fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen. The ancient historic town center has quaint meandering cobblestone alleys with fascinating streetscapes of medieval listed buildings as well as contemporary architecture. The surrounding landscape is particularly interesting, featuring the open-air museum The Funen Village.
  • Roskilde — It is a beautiful city half an hour from Copenhagen, with a world heritage listed church and a fantastic Viking ship museum.
  • Skagen — This quiet fishing village, located at the farthest northern tip of the continent, comes alive during the summer. It’s the location to see two seas collide at the “point of Denmark,” cycle around the beautiful surroundings, and eat delicious seafood. It is one of the most popular summer getaways in the country, especially for the wealthy and famous of Copenhagen.
  • Sønderborg — Discover Danish mindset in a city where Denmark ultimately gave up on its superpower aspirations, and walk around Grsten’s ancient castle or royal palace.

Other destinations in Denmark

  • Anholt — This isolated island, located more than 45 kilometers from the closest mainland and about halfway between Sweden and Denmark, provides the biggest desert in Northern Europe as well as one of Scandinavia’s largest seal populations.
  • Ertholmene —This tiny collection of islands, administered by the Ministry of Defence, comprises Denmark’s most eastern territory and is home to a significant bird sanctuary as well as historic defense facilities.
  • Femø — It is most known for being one of the earliest strongholds of the women’s rights movement, but it today draws lesbians and feminists as well as embracing all women.
  • Fanø — a 16-kilometer-long and 5-kilometer-wide island with an unusually great variety of natural habitats on a small scale: sand, heath, meadow, and pine wood
  • Hirsholm — one of six tiny islands 7 kilometers northeast of Frederikshavn, known for its huge bird population but also for its beautiful beaches and a comparatively significant number of World War II-era bunkers
  • Kongernes Nordsjælland National Park — a fresh new national park encompassing ancient monarchs’ hunting areas
  • Læsø — Get away from it all on this isolated island in Denmark’s “desert belt,” where you can horseback ride through the sand dunes and visit unusual farmhouses with seaweed roofs.
  • Samsø — Denmark’s “greenest” island has lately gained worldwide notice since the island’s heat and electricity usage are entirely generated locally from renewable sources. Samsø is host to the yearly music event Samsø Festival, which bills itself as Denmark’s “hyggeligste” festival (i.e. most cosy).
  • Stevns Cliff — a 65 million year old limestone and chalk cliff that extends over more than 12 kilometers along the coast and rises to 41 meters above sea level

How To Travel To Denmark

By plane Denmark is serviced by two large airports and numerous smaller airports, almost all of which have international connections. Although most European airlines fly to Copenhagen and several also fly to Billund, SAS Scandinavian Airlines remains the leading carrier. Norwegian, Easyjet, Transavia, and ultimately Ryanair are key participants in...

How To Travel Around Denmark

The Danish State Rail system, DSB, is used for long-distance rail travel. There are also a number of long-distance bus companies that operate. In Denmark, each area has its own municipal public transit provider. There are two options for purchasing tickets. For local journeys, you may purchase a zone-based...

Visa & Passport Requirements for Denmark

Denmark is not only the cultural entrance to Scandinavia, but it is also the geographical gateway to Scandinavia, and as such, the nation is well linked to the rest of Europe and to Scandinavia. Denmark is connected to Europe and Scandinavia by a multitude of ferries, and Copenhagen airport...

Accommodation & Hotels in Denmark

Danhostel is the national authorized Hostelling International network for budget lodging, with 95 hotels throughout the country. Only the two biggest cities in Denmark, Copenhagen and Aarhus, feature a few independent youth hostels. It's worth mentioning that the Danish term for hostel is Vandrehjem, which is also what hostels...

Things To See in Denmark

The Danish Islands Denmark, while seldom recognized to casual tourists, is an island country with 72 inhabited islands and 371 unoccupied islands. Aside from the well-known blockbuster Bornholm, with its rich history and mysterious round churches, many of the smaller islands are seldom frequented by visitors, despite being some of...

Things To Do in Denmark

Danish culture is inclusive, and democratic egalitarian ideals run deep. This may seem like a political propaganda slogan, but these principles have been imprinted and applied in daily life on many levels, and they are very much alive. When public events are planned, it is usual to look for methods...

Food & Drinks in Denmark

Food in Denmark Aside from the numerous kebab shops and pizza stalls, eating in Denmark may be pricey, but it's a worthy investment. As a family with children, you may eat at almost any restaurant in Denmark as long as your children are well-behaved. Many restaurants provide a special children's...

Money & Shopping in Denmark

Currency The Danish krone is the country's currency (DKK, plural "kroner" and locally abbreviated "kr"). In the more "touristy" businesses with Copenhagen, as well as the traditional beach resorts along Jutland's West Coast and Bornholm Island, you may frequently pay in Euros. The Danish krone is linked to the euro...

Traditions & Customs in Denmark

In a country where there is no direct equivalent to please in the vernacular, where the local version of Mr. and Ms. has all but vanished from common usage, and where people can barely muster a sorry if they bump into you on the street, you could be forgiven...

Language & Phrasebook in Denmark

Danish (Dansk) is the national language of Denmark. It is a member of the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family, and within that family, it is part of the North Germanic, East Norse group. It is, in principle, extremely close to Norwegian Bokml and Swedish, and is understandable...

Internet & Communications in Denmark

TDC provides a prepaid bundle called Mobilt Bredbnd Tank op. Starter package valid for 7 days for DKK129 (Only SIM card, no modem)Starter package valid for 7 days for DKK399 (Both SIM card and modem)1 day refill for DKK293 day refill for DKK697 day refill for DKK12930 day refill for DKK299The...

Culture Of Denmark

Denmark is culturally and historically linked to its Scandinavian neighbors, Sweden and Norway. It has traditionally been one of the world's most socially progressive civilizations. Denmark was the first nation to legalize pornography in 1969, and in 2012, Denmark replaced its "registered partnership" legislation, which it had introduced initially...

History Of Denmark

Prehistory The oldest archaeological discoveries in Denmark date back to the Eem interglacial era, which lasted from 130,000 to 110,000 BC. Denmark has been populated since about 12,500 BC, and agriculture has existed from 3900 BC. In Denmark, the Nordic Bronze Age (1800–600 BC) was characterized by burial mounds, which...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Denmark

Stay Safe in Denmark Denmark is a relatively secure nation in general, with virtually little danger of natural catastrophes or animal assaults. In certain heathlands, there is one venomous but non-aggressive snake, the European viper (Hugorm), and a stinging, bottom-dwelling fish called "Fjsing," also known as Greater Weever (Trachinus draco)...



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