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Mombasa is a city on Kenya’s coast. With a population of 1.2 million people in 2014, it is the country’s second-largest metropolis after Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

Mombasa is a regional cultural and commercial center with an extra-large port and international airport, as well as a major regional tourist destination. Mombasa is a historical commercial center on the east coast of Kenya, in Mombasa County and the old Coast Province. Its position on the Indian Ocean made it a historical trading center, and because of its strategic location, it has been ruled by numerous governments.

It is situated on Mombasa Island and extends to the mainlands around it. Two waterways, Tudor Creek and Kilindini Harbour, divide the island from the mainland. The Nyali Bridge connects it to the mainland to the north, the Likoni Ferry to the south, and the Makupa Causeway to the west, where the Kenya-Uganda Railway runs alongside. Kenya and the interior nations benefit from the port, which connects them to the sea. Moi International Airport, near the northwest mainland suburb of Chaani, serves the city.

Mombasa has a diverse population, with Swahili and Mijikenda peoples predominating. The Akamba and Taita Bantus, as well as a considerable population of Luo and Luhya peoples from Western Kenya, are among the other groups. Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism are the three primary faiths prevalent in the city. Many immigrants and merchants from the Middle East, Somalia, and the Indian subcontinent have settled in Mombasa throughout the years, mostly as dealers and skilled artisans.

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Mombasa | Introduction

Mombasa – Info Card

POPULATION :   1,300,000
FOUNDED :   900 A.D.
LANGUAGE :  English (official), Kiswahili (official), numerous indigenous languages
RELIGION :  Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 33%, Muslim 10%, indigenous beliefs 10%, other 2%; note: a large majority of Kenyans are Christian, but estimates for the percentage of the population that adheres to Islam or indigenous beliefs vary widely
AREA :  294.7 km2 (113.8 sq mi)
ELEVATION :  50 m (160 ft)
COORDINATES :  4°03′S 39°40′E
SEX RATIO :  Male:
ETHNIC :  Kikuyu 22%, Luhya 14%, Luo 13%, Kalenjin 12%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 6%, other African 15%, non-African (Asian, European, and Arab) 1%
AREA CODE :  020
DIALING CODE :  +254 41
WEBSITE :   Official Website

Tourism in Mombasa

Kenya’s biggest tourism attraction is Mombasa. It is located on Kenya’s eastern coast, facing the Indian Ocean, and its beaches have made it a famous tourist destination. Mombasa is known for its rich marine life, world-class hotels, and welcoming environment. It has a tropical climate all year and is a fantastic location with activities for people of all ages.

Mombasa has been governed by the Portuguese, Arabs, and British from its founding in the 16th century. The city’s culture is still influenced by its history. Historical remains such as Fort Jesus and the Old Town are popular tourist destinations in Mombasa.

Mvita, the city’s heart, is an island in a river delta, accessible from the north by bridges and from the south by round-the-clock boats. It is a fairly multicultural city, and you may witness Muslims wearing the niqab (called locally as “bui bui”) and Giryama people wearing nearly nothing at the same time and in the same area.

It is the only town in the nation that possesses both city and county status, along with Nairobi.

Climate of Mombasa

The climate is tropical, with a major rainy season from mid-April to late-May and a small rainy season from October to November. Summer in the Southern Hemisphere occurs between January and March, with temperatures above +32°C. The temperature fluctuation is rather minor at 4° south of the Equator.

Geography of Mombasa

Mombasa has a flat landscape due to its location as a beach town. Mombasa is located on Mombasa Island, although it also stretches to the mainland. Two creeks, Port Reitz in the south and Tudor Creek in the north, divide the island from the mainland.

Economy of Mombasa

The Kilindini Harbour, Kenya’s sole big seaport, is located in Mombasa, a major trading center. Kilindini is a Swahili word that means “deep.” The port’s name comes from the fact that the canal is naturally quite deep. Kilindini Harbor is an example of a ria, which developed at the conclusion of the last glacial era when the sea level rose and absorbed a river coming from the mainland.

Kenya’s coastal tourist capital is Mombasa. Although many people visit the Old Town and Fort Jesus, Mombasa Island is not a major tourist destination. The beaches of Nyali, Bamburi, and Shanzu are situated to the north of the city. South of Mombasa are the Shelly, Tiwi, and Dianibeaches. On these beaches, there are many luxury hotels, while the less costly ones are farther away.

The northern shoreline of Mombasa is known for its vibrant 24-hour entertainment offerings, which include both family entertainment (water parks, cinemas, bowling, etc. ), sports (watersports, mountain biking, and gokarting), culinary offerings (restaurants serving a wide range of specialties from Kenya, China, Japan, India, Italy, Germany, and other countries), and nightlife (bars, pubs, clubs, discothèques, and so on).

An oil refinery with a daily capacity of 80,000 barrels and a cement plant capable of generating over 1.1 million tons per year are among the other local enterprises. The main intercontinental underwater telecom cables reach the beach near Mombasa, linking the African Great Lakes to the rest of the globe and fueling a rapidly expanding contact center industry in the region.

Internet, Comunication in Mombasa

All of Mombasa’s Internet cafés feature phone booths, although the rates for calling overseas are exorbitant. If you plan on remaining in Kenya for at least 15 days, you should consider purchasing a local SIM card, such as Safaricom’s M-Pesa. Use VoIP if you have a smartphone.

Wi-Fi is widely available in the city, and many hotels and restaurants provide it for free.

How To Travel To Mombasa

Mombasa is a vital transportation hub for all modes of travel. It is the terminus of both the Transafrican Route 8 from Lagos and the Uganda railway. It is served by an international airport, Moi Airport, and one of the most significant ports in Eastern Africa, Kilindini, which also serves as the primary gateway for imports to Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda.

Get In - By plane

The trip from Nairobi to Mombasa takes around 45 minutes, providing enough time for a refreshing beverage and a glimpse of the Tsavo East National Park. Kenya Airways, the national carrier, as well as the budget carriers Jombo Jet and Fly540 (Five Forty Aviation). Additionally, direct flights from European cities like as Bologna, Frankfurt, London, Milan, and Rome are available, as are flights from Addis Ababa, Zanzibar, Dubai, Kigali, Istanbul, Moroni, and Dar es Salaam.

Airlines that fly to Mombasa are:

  • Kenya airways.
  • Jombo Jet
  • Fly540
  • Ethiopian airlines.
  • RwandAir.
  • Tukish airlines.
  • Fly-Sax.
  • Meridiana airlines.
  • Mombasa Air Safari.
  • ZanAir.
  • Moi International Airport, Road C110, Barack Obama Rd,  +254 716 694306.Mombasa’s airport was recently refurbished, increasing the frequency of flights into and out of the city from European countries. Moi Airport is Kenya’s second largest airport, behind Jomo Kenyatta in Nairobi. It is situated in Changamwe, about 6 kilometers from Mombasa Island via the routes 110 (Barack Obama Road) and 109. Taxi or shared taxi (“matutu”) is the most prevalent mode of transport from the airport to the island; as of 2014, taxi costs range between KES1000-1600, while matutu fares range between KES80-160. Certain hotels charge a fee for airport shuttle services. Additionally, rental automobiles are available.
  • Bamburi Airport, Off Old Shimo La Tewa Road, Bamburi. Airkenya Express, a cheap airline, conducts charter flights between Wilson Airport in Nairobi and Bamburi Airport.

Get In - By boat


There are two sailing clubs on Mombasa Island that are available to non-members and two hotels with marinas that are open to non-guests.

  • Mombasa Yacht Club, Kilindini Harbour(starboard after Cap Likoni),  +254 733 923429,+254 733 610754.
  • Mombasa Water Sport, Tudor Creek (port side after Cape Makawaiwe).
  • Tudor Water Sport, Tudor Creek (the marina of Tudor Water Sport Hotel, port side after Cape Saadi),  +254 717 556691,
  • English Point Marina, Tudor Creek (the marina of Hotel English Point, starboard after Mckenzie Point),  +254 786 456777.


Certain cruise lines offer itineraries that include a stop at Mombasa:


If traveling by land from the south, you must cross the river via the Likoni Ferry.

  • Likoni Ferry, Likoni-Ukunda Rd,  +254 20 2118344, +254 723 664000, fax: +254 20 2118346.

Get In - By train

The train travel from Nairobi takes around 15 hours on the “Jambo Kenya Deluxe,” which is run by Kenyan Railways. One of the attractions of train travel is the opportunity to see animals up close. Each way has three weekly departures: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings from Nairobi, and Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings from Mombasa. You will travel over the fabled Mombasa-Uganda railway, which was completed between 1896 and 1903. First class compartments include two beds, second class compartments contain four beds, and third class compartments contain benches. On board the train, toilets are quite rudimentary. The cuisine served in the train’s restaurant is modest yet produced fresh on demand using only the freshest ingredients. Dinner and breakfast are included with the first class ticket. On board the train, there are police officers for your protection.

Get In - By bus

While buses are not a primary means of transport inside the city, they are mostly utilized for travel outside the city. Matatu, which are mostly fourteen-seater minibuses, are the primary mode of transportation in Mombasa. They are highly popular with the locals. One-way prices from Nairobi are between KES800-1300 and the journey takes at least 6 hours by bus or 10 hours by night bus. Busscar, Coastline Safaris (Coastbus), Mombasa Raha, Simba Coaches, and Modern Coast Express are among the companies that operate this line.

  • Bus station, Mwembe Tayari Rd.
  • Coast Bus, Nairobi ticket office: corner of Accra Rd & Durume Rd, Mombasa ticket office: corner of Mwembe Tayari Rd & Jomo Kenyatta Av, +254 20 24519000 (Nairobi), +254 41 2220916 (Mombasa). Destinations : Nairobi, Voi
  • Modern Coast, Nairobi ticket office: Accra Rd, Mombasa ticket office: Jomo Kenyatta Av (station: Caltex), +254 726 978852 (Nairobi), +254 729 403589 (Mombasa).Destinations : Nairobi, Malindi, Voi, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
  • TTS Express, Dar Es Salaam Rd,  +254 733 333542. Destinations : Malindi,Lamu
  • Pwani Tawakal, +254 722 550111 (Mombasa), +254 424 633480 (Malindi), Destinations : Witu, Malindi, Lamu

Get In - By car

Kenyans drive on the left, therefore getting used to the local traffic culture will take some time. Drive only during daylight hours and keep your vehicle doors secured, particularly in congested places. Foreign drivers in Kenya are required to hold an international driver’s license. These may be acquired via vehicle clubs, travel firms, or the Nairobi Income Tax House’s Road Transport Office.

At the very least, the majority of foreign rental firms are represented at Nairobi Airport. The distance between Nairobi and Mombasa is 525 kilometers, and the journey takes anything from six to twelve hours, depending on the presence of police controls along the route, traffic between Mariakani and Mombasa, and the pauses you take. Voi is a great spot to have lunch (this is also where buses stop).

To get to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and the Athi River, travel route 104 (Huhuru Highway) from downtown Nairobi. Route 109 will take you to Mombasa from there.

  • Auto Europe, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Embakasi (Nairobi) and Makena House, Wajir Road (Mombasa), e-mail: ré
  • Avis Kenya, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, +254 20 2966500 (company), +254 20 2386420 (airports, 24/7), +254 727 532232 (Nairobi airport), +254 736 750006(Mombasa airport), fax: +254 20 2533613, e-mail:
  • Europcar, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (near Passenger Drop Off, Point 1), Embakasi (Nairobi).
  • Afford Car Hire, Moi International Airport,  +254774395959, 8AM to 6PM. 100% Excess Waiver, Clean cars, No Deposit, Easy Car Rental Terms, Delivery to the nearest Hotel, Railway Station, Airport, Shopping Complex or School. Pick and Drop anywhere in Kenya. from KES 5,000per day/US$52 per day.
  • Hire N’ Drive, Moi International Airport,  +254722417475, 7AM to 7PM. Affordable car rental rates, Easy car rental terms, Pick and drop from 67 locations in Kenya. Optional driver, 24 hours support from KES 3,000per day/US$34 per day.

How To Get Around In Mombasa

In Mombasa, there are no traffic signals, and the traffic will look chaotic to a westerner. Even when police are present, traffic regulations are disobeyed.

Get Around - BY Minibus

In the city, there is no regular public transit. The aforementionedmatatus (minivans), of which there are around 3500 in the city (licensed ones with stickers on the windshields), are the closest approximation. They’re inexpensive; just inquire at the hotel what the prevailing charge is and don’t be taken advantage of. Expect to be jammed in like a sardine since the drivers aim to carry as many people as possible. A matatu journey costs KES25-80 in 2014, but expect to pay twice if you want a vehicle that complies with traffic laws. Mombasa and Malandi are connected by some lines, which take around two hours and cost KES120.

Get Around - By Motorcycle And Bike

Tuk-tuks (motorized trikes with a passenger compartment), pikipikis (motorcycle taxis), and boda-bodas are available for the more daring (bicycle taxis). The latter two types of transportation are both risky and frightening. A tuk-tuk journey will cost you roughly KES70-100, a pikipiki will cost you around KES50, and a boda-boda will cost you around KES20.

Get Around - By taxi

There are also regular cabs, both official and unauthorized, available. Taxis have license papers taped to the windshields rather than taxi signs on the top. After some haggling, the journey is usually paid in advance, and you can anticipate the driver to stop at a fuel station to fill up just enough to bring you to your destination. A taxi from the airport to downtown Mombasa costs roughly KES1000-1600.

Get Around - By car

Additionally, you may hire a vehicle with or without a driver. If you often need to travel but are afraid to drive, you may generally negotiate prices with taxi drivers for extended periods of time (e.g. one day). This should only be done after a “test ride,” since taxi drivers are not always familiar with the city.

  • Kenya Red Cross, +254 41 2224161, +254 725 292000, fax: +254 41 2313236.The local Red Cross office tweets real-time updates regarding accidents, protests, and other occurrences that may cause traffic disruptions.

Districts & Neighbourhoods In Mombasa

Mombasa Island

Kizingo: Considered to be Mombasa’s top residential district. Kizingo is home to the Mombasa State House, Provincial Headquarters, Mombasa Law Courts, and the Municipal Council. Additionally, Kizingo is home to the Aga Khan Academy, Aga Khan High School, Serani Primary School, Serani High School, Santokben Nursery School, Coast Academy, Jaffery Academy, Mombasa Primary School, Loreto Convent, Mama Ngina Girls’ High School, and the Government Training Institute (GTI) Mombasa.

Kibokoni: A section of the Old Town that has Swahili architecture. Baghani is home to Fort Jesus.

Kuze: A section of Old Town that is dominated by Swahili culture and architecture. Originally populated by Swahili, the neighborhood is now becoming more multicultural.

Makadara: A section of Old Town that is densely populated by descendants of Baluchi former soldiers who resided here before the region turned into a town. The name is derived from the Arabic term Qadr-ur-Rahman, which translates as “God’s will.”

Ganjoni: Primarily a middle-class residential area, it is also home to Africa’s second largest dry dock, behind the one in South Africa.

Tudor: Another middle-class residential neighborhood, this one featuring residences and businesses. This suburb is home to the Mombasa Polytechnic University College (MPUC).

North Coast

Nyali: Additionally, it is a prominent and upscale residential district located on the mainland north of the island, connected by the New Nyali Bridge. Numerous beachfront hotels line the “North Coast.” Nyali is divided into two separate sections: the affluent Old Nyali and the burgeoning New Nyali. Nyali has developed into a self-contained residential enclave for many inhabitants, including two Nakumatts, a multiplex theatre, retail malls, banks, schools, and post offices. This often reduces inhabitants’ need to cross the bridge and enter the busy Mombasa city center. Nyali is home to the Nyali Cinemax complex, Mamba Village, the Nyali Golf Club, and some of the Coast Province’s most renowned academic institutions.

Kongowea: Kongowea is a heavily populated region comprised of 15 villages, two sub-locations, with a population of around 106,180 individuals. Kongowea is a cosmopolitan hamlet mostly populated by mainland residents who moved to the city in pursuit of work, primarily in the service and industrial sectors. The neighborhood is near to Nyali, a prosperous suburb that employs a section of the village’s people. They are mostly employed as inexpensive labor as watchmen, gardeners, masons, and home assistance for new construction. While the most well-known villages within Kongowea include Kisumu Ndogo, Shauri Yako, and Mnazi Mmoja, many residents live in substandard conditions – poor sanitation, a high crime rate, and a lack of basic essential amenities such as schools, hospitals, and running water – despite their location in this prime area. Kongowea is also home to one of Africa’s biggest open-air marketplaces.

Bamburi: Bamburi is also an outlying settlement along the Malindi route (fifteen minutes). The Bamburi Portland Cement Company is headquartered in Bamburi. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to the Mijikenda public beach, affectionately known as Pirates, and Haller Park, which contains a nature walk and animal conservatory. Kiembeni Estate, which is likewise located in the Bamburi region, is home to around 100,000 inhabitants. The estate has a supermarket, many retail establishments, hairdressers, and boutiques, as well as a handful of licensed establishments. The Shilla Bar, Turkey Base, Stars Garden, and Sensera bar are among the venues. Kiembeni is undoubtedly the biggest estate in Mombasa, and it is expanding at a breakneck pace.

Other places include Shanzu, Mkomani09, Bombolulu, and Kisauni, as well as the famed Mtwapa region, which is already part of Kilifi county.

The North Coast is well-known for its diverse entertainment sector, which draws both residents and visitors.

South Coast

Likoni: Likoni is a low-income and lower-middle-class district on Mombasa Island that is accessed via boat. It is located south of Mombasa Island and is populated mostly by non-Swahili Bantu groups. The boat was one of the targets of the 1997 Likoni Riots.

Diani Beach: Diani Beach is a beach resort area located on the south coast of Mombasa, just across the Likoni Ferry. It is situated around 36 kilometers (22 miles) south of Mombasa on the mainland shore and is a popular destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. Diani Beach has an airport near Ukunda town to accommodate visitors arriving straight from Nairobi Wilson Airport or any other airports or airfields in the nation.

Mombasa Mainland

Magongo: Magongo is an outlying settlement located on the Nairobi Highway, 20 minutes northwest of Mombasa Island. This outlying village lacks functional power, water, and sewage facilities, as well as a general dearth of infrastructure. Poverty, a lack of sanitation, and unemployment continue to be the township’s primary concerns, resulting in substandard health and safety standards for its population. Housing for the poor and lower classes is ubiquitous, ranging from modest two-story stone constructions to mud and earthen structures with corrugated iron roofs.

Due to a dearth of jobs and industry, a large portion of the population works outside of the municipality, on Mombasa Island. There are a few tiny health clinics and businesses, as well as a few public primary schools: Nazarene primary is one such school, which is particularly well-known for its rotating volunteer teaching base from Western, and mostly English-speaking, countries. This little village connects the city to Moi International Airport. Magongo also serves as the headquarters for the Akamba Handicraft Cooperative.

Mikindani, a suburban area: This is an outlying community along the Nairobi Highway on the mainland. It is located in Changamwe’s heavily industrialized areas and mostly houses the working class who work in the factories, the town center, or the port at Kilindini bay.

Miritini: Miritini is an outlying community on the Mombasa Nairobi Highway that is developing first as a suburban neighborhood.

Changamwe: The industrial region is home to the Kipevu power production plants, the Kenya Oil Refinery Company, and housing developments such as Chaani. It also serves as the entrance to the Moi International Airport. The region is home to the D.O.’s administrative offices and chiefs who serve the administrative division.

Migadini & Chaani: Migadini and Chaani are two adjoining estates situated east of the Airport Road and east of the Kenya Port Authority. They are bounded on three sides by Port Reitz, Magongo, and the KPA.

Port Reitz: Port Reitz is a mainland suburb with a beach, oil refineries, and housing developments. Port Reitz is home to Moi International Airport and the Port Reitz District Hospital.

Prices In Mombasa

Tourist (Backpacker) – 46 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:meals in cheap restaurant, public transport, cheap hotel.

Tourist (regular) – 190 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:mid-range meals and drinks,transportation, hotel.


Milk 1 liter $1.25
Tomatoes 1 kg $0.60
Cheese 0.5 kg $9.20
Apples 1 kg $2.28
Oranges 1 kg $2.28
Beer (domestic) 0.5 l $1.20
Bottle of Wine 1 bottle $8.00
Coca-Cola 2 liters $1.12
Bread 1 piece $0.38
Water 1.5 l $0.62


Dinner (Low-range) for 2 $22.00
Dinner (Mid-range) for 2 $
Dinner (High-range) for 2 $45.00
Mac Meal or similar 1 meal $6.00
Water 0.33 l $0.55
Cappuccino 1 cup $2.15
Beer (Imported) 0.33 l $2.85
Beer (domestic) 0.5 l $2.35
Coca-Cola 0.33 l $0.66
Coctail drink 1 drink $9.00


Cinema 2 tickets $10.00
Gym 1 month $32.00
Men’s Haircut 1 haircut $2.60
Theatar 2 tickets $
Mobile (prepaid) 1 min. $0.03
Pack of Marlboro 1 pack $2.35


Antibiotics 1 pack $2.50
Tampons 32 pieces $3.35
Deodorant 50 ml. $2.80
Shampoo 400 ml. $3.70
Toilet paper 4 rolls $0.60
Toothpaste 1 tube $1.75


Jeans (Levis 501 or similar) 1 $54.00
Dress summer (Zara, H&M) 1 $30.00
Sport shoes (Nike, Adidas) 1 $55.00
Leather shoes 1 $


Gasoline 1 liter $0.93
Taxi Start $
Taxi 1 km $
Local Transport 1 ticket $0.50

Sights & Landmarks In Mombasa

Given Mombasa’s turbulent past, it’s surprising that there are just a few attractions. Nature and a variety of diverse activities are what attract people to Mombasa. Additionally, there are a few landmarks located between 20 and 30 kilometers north, west, and south of Mombasa.

Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus Rd, +254 720 650869. daily 8:30-18.

Fort Jesus is Mombasa’s most popular attraction. Built between 1593 and 1596 by the Portuguese to defend the port from the Ottomans, this fort served in a military capacity for more than three centuries. It was named after the Portuguese squadron that sailed under the Order of Christ’s banner (Ordem de Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo). Since 2011, the fort has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fort Jesus houses antiquities from the time when Mombasa served as a slave trade transit port. There are torture chambers, jails, and several more 16th-century exhibits. The fort served as a jail during the British time, and currently a portion of the cells serves as a museum. Numerous artifacts are on loan from the Portuguese frigate Santo António de Tanna, which drowned in 1697. They include African and Indian ceramics, Chinese porcelain, various crew items, and two bronze cannons. Another section of the collection is devoted to archaeological discoveries made along Kenya’s coast. Additionally, there is Arabic military equipment, musical instruments, and a collection of 18th and 19th century cannons. A 105mm cannon from the Imperial German Navy is on display in the tiny park next to the entrance. As of 2013, KES1500 (adults) and KES750 (children).

Old town

Old town, Districts of Makadara and Mzizima. Situated along Tudor Creek north of Fort Jesus, these areas make up the old city. It is an example of classic Swahili architecture with a considerably more calm environment than the rest of the city. Much of it has been turned into souvenir shops and restaurants and here you may discover artisanal boutiques offering silver jewellery and tiny furniture. If you are scared about getting lost amid the little streets or don’t want to miss anything, there are guides at the esplanade of Fort Jesus that can tour you through the ancient town for KES1000. A lovely area to explore on a Sunday when most of the city is closed down.

The tusks of Moi avenue

Moi Ave(near Uhuru Garden).

The tusks were constructed in 1956 to greet Princess Margaret on her visit to Mombasa town. Today, they are arguably of Mombasa’s most recognizable monuments. They are positioned at the city’s entrance and are constructed of steel, not ivory, as is frequently assumed. Notable is the fact that the tusks form an M. (which stands for Mombasa).

Leven House

Leven Residence. This structure served as the headquarters for the British Navy’s anti-slavery activities in the area throughout the nineteenth century. It was named after a British battleship. Later, missionaries, a shipping firm, and a consulate utilized the building. Today, this ancient structure houses a restaurant.

Holy Ghost Cathedral

Nyerere Ave.

The neo-Gothic structure in the heart of Mombasa is a recognizable landmark and the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa.


Mombasa has numerous lovely Hindu temples (mandirs) to visit as a result of its Indian population. Tourists/visitors are permitted to enter the temple escorted by a temple guide. There are antiques, idols, and cultural images/paintings within.

Shri Kutch Satsang Temple

Coin de Haile Selassie Avenue and Bajuni Road.

It is the world’s oldest Swaminarayan Hindu temple, having been built in 1957.

New Dwarikadham Temple

Beach Road, Nyali

This complex of 8100m2 serves the Krishna Consciousness community and includes a vegetarian restaurant.

Lord Shiva Temple

Mwenye Aboud Rd.

The surroundings make this Sikh temple worth seeing.

Mamba Village

Links Road, Nyali, +254 729 403670, daily 7-18.

A 20-hectare park featuring a farm of over 10,000 crocodiles as its main feature. There is horseback riding and camel riding available, as well as a café and bar in the park. When the crocodiles are fed, the optimum time to visit is about 17:00.

Mangrove of Tudor Creek

The Tudor Creek’s mangrove woods, which are formed by the Kombeni and Tsalu rivers, may be visited. To accomplish so, request a ride from a fisherman near Cape Kiberamni or Junda Creek. The price is negotiable.

Haller Park

Malindi Road, Bamburi,  +254 41 5485901. 8:30-17:30.

A 75-hectare zoological park built on the place of a former coral reef in 1985. Giraffes, hippos, monkeys, and reptiles are among the animals. Owen and Mzee are two well-known animals in the park. The first is a hippopotamus orphaned by the 2004 tsunami, while the second is a turtle who “adopted” the juvenile hippo, much to the scientists’ surprise. Between the hours of 14 and 15, when the animals are fed, is the optimum time to visit. English, Spanish, French, and other languages are spoken by the guides. Keep an eye out for the monkeys; they’re plentiful and look nice, but they may bite. As of 2013, KES1600 was used.

Museums & Galleries In Mombasa


ADRESS: Ndia Kuu, Mombasa 00200, Kenya

TELEPHONE:  +33 (0)1 45 68 43 78

WORKING HOURS : Mon – Sat 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Mombasa’s most prominent tourist destination is Fort Jesus. The fort, which is situated near the Old Town along the shore, is a colossal piece of architecture erected by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The fort features a museum that houses exhibits from the time when Mombasa was a major transit point for slaves and goods, and was frequented by sailors and other travelers.

Things To Do In Mombasa


While the 13.5 kilometers of white sand beaches along the coast may entice you to spend your days lazing in the sun and water, Mombasa also offers a variety of other activities. All beaches in Kisauni offer camel rides, and motorcycles can be rented at Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach in Bamburi. Additionally, guided beach walks are available.

Wild Waters Amusement Park

Links Road, Nyali, +254 726 337000, 

Water park with 15 different types of toboggans. On hot days, this is an excellent spot to cool down. Due to the park’s relative youth (it debuted in 2006 and was subsequently enlarged), it is supposedly modern and tidy. Additionally, the complex has a gaming arcade, a “disco arena,” multiple theme attractions, and a food court. 1200 KES with access to toboggans; 300 KES without access to toboggans.


Mombasa Marine National Park and Marine Reserve

+254 41 2312744, e-mail: 

The Leven coral reef in the Mombasa Marine National Park and Marine Reserve is the primary attraction for divers. This is Kenya’s most popular marine park, including the reef crest habitats of the Bamburi-Nyali fringing reef and a portion of the lagoon. It covers an area of 10 kilometers square and is part of a bigger reserve of 200 kilometers square. Three wrecks are accessible.

Bouccaner Diving

Mount Kenya Road, Nyali (in Voyager Beach Resort),  +254 728 999226, +254 728 999225, 

A firm that organizes diving classes for beginners and advanced divers, as well as dive tours outside of Mombasa’s seas. They also have a presence in Zanzibar.

Peponi Divers Mombasa

Mount Kenya Road, Nyali (in Bahari Beach Hotel),  +254 722 412302 also for WhatsApp, 

Dive school for beginners and advanced divers, as well as dive cruises to many wreck locations. Additionally, specific training like as shark awareness are available. Service available in a variety of languages.


In Mombasa, you may capture large fish such as barracuda, yellow tuna, and all three types of marlin.

Suli Suli Big Game Fishing

Bamburi Beach (in the Cowrie Shell), +254 716 427607. 

Offshore fishing cruises are available for four, six, or eight hours. The boat is equipped with fishing rods, so you do not need to bring your own. They also provide fishing cruises in interior lakes and streams, as well as glass-bottomed boat snorkeling excursions to coral reefs.

Bigfish Sports Fishing

Off Serena Rd,  +254 722 411534, 

Indian Ocean offshore fishing. Fishing equipment and cold beverages are included in the tours. Additionally, their boats may be hired. Tours begin at GBP220.

Deep Sea Fishing

Link Road, Kongowea (in the Tamarind Village), +254 722 502712, e-mail: 

Single and multi-day ocean fishing expeditions. Fishing equipment and cool beverages are included on the tours.

Parks and greenery

Mombasa Island (Mvita) is devoid of parks. Uhuru Garden on Moi Avenue, near the tusks, and Mama Ngina Park are the two most well-known.

Mama Ngina Park

Mama Ngina Park is located at Mama Ngina Dr. You may see ships coming and departing from the harbor, as well as the ferry crossing to Likoni, while inhaling some fresh ocean air. free.

Bamburi Forest Trails and Butterfly Park

Malindi Road, Bamburi. 

Bamburi’s wooded region is the most popular among both residents and visitors. It has several ponds, covers, and a 100-hectare area that may be explored on foot or by bicycle. Here lies the Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary, where you may see giraffes, ostriches, oryx, and deers in semi-liberty. The Butterfly Pavillion is home to sixteen live butterfly species. KES200.

Jomvu Kuu

If you want to go off the main route, a paved road north of Miritini (near the airport) runs through a savanna terrain to the little settlement of Jomvu Kuu, which offers views of the mangrove forest.

Tiwi Beach

Tiwi Beach is a tranquil stretch of sand on Mombasa’s south coast that has been spared the ravages of heavy tourism. From Mombasa’s city center, take the Likoni boat to the south (about USD50).

Mtwapa Creek

On Mombasa’s north shore, Mtwapa Creek is a must-see attraction. It’s an inlet of the Indian Ocean with a few tiny marinas and lush tropical flora that’s well-known for bird viewing, mountain biking excursions around the creek, and as a jumping-off place for deep sea fishing cruises.


Bombolulu Cultural Centre

Bombolulu Estate, Kisauni (in the Bombolulu Workshops & Cultural Centre),  +254 723 560933,

Performances of traditional Kenyan dances and the sale of jewelry, leather, fabrics, and carved wood.

Ngomongo Village

Off Serena Road, Shanzu,  +254 41 5487063.

Described as a “sustainable eco-cultural tourist village” this is a reconstruction of habitats of the nine different Kenyan tribes. This “sustainable eco-cultural tourism hamlet” is a replica of nine distinct Kenyan tribes’ ecosystems. The property was built on top of a quarry that was reclaimed by nature in 1991 via the planting of several indigenous plants. Following this, wetlands were created and animals were introduced, and the area is now home to a bird sanctuary. There, little communities of several tribes from various areas of Kenya have been erected, each surrounded by the same types of environment present in the area where the tribe lives. These inhabited villages provide an opportunity to experience indigenous culture from various sections of the nation, including traditional attire, rituals, and dance performances.

Nyali Cinemax

Tamarind Road, Kongowea,  +254 41 447000, Mo-Fr 12:30-22, Sa-Su 9:30-22. 

Theatre presents fresh blockbusters from Hollywood and Bollywood (500 KSH). Two theater rooms equipped with digital cinema technology. Additionally, there is a bowling alley, a casino, and an Italian restaurant. While you’re there, order some bhel puri. Taxi from the centre costs KES800, while a Tuk Tuk costs KES300. Parking.


Mombasa Go-Kart

Shanzu (exit Malindi Road on the right hand side, direction towards Severin Sea Lodge),  +254 721 485247, 16-22, Mo closed. 

A 500-meter go-kart track, a dirt track for buggies, and a bulldozer driving instruction track. Additionally, there is a restaurant and a bowling alley.

Mombasa Florida Golf Club

Mama Ngina Dr,  +254 41 2228531,+254 723 580921, e-mail: 

A 1911 membership golf club with a 9-hole golf course. The “Barry Cup,” an annual golf event, is held here.

Nyali Golf Club

Links Road, Nyali,  +254 20 2653881, +254 726 414477, e-mail: Every day,

Wednesday and Thursday afternoons are reserved for members exclusively. There is an 18-hole course, a driving range, two putting greens, and a chipping green at this club. The golf club’s pro store rents clubs and sells equipment. Nyali Golf Club also features a swimming pool, gym, tennis, and squash facilities for people interested in other sports. Additionally, they have a restaurant and bar.

Mombasa Sports Club

Mnazi Moja Rd,  +254 41 2224226, +254 727 288111, e-mail: 

The second-oldest sporting club in Kenya, formed in 1896. Additionally, non-members are invited to visit and participate in tennis, squash, bowling, snooker, or even bridge.

Excursions and safaris

Natural World Kenya Safaris

Jeneby House, Moi Ave, +254 41 2319808, +254 720 894288.

Kenya safaris range in duration from one to seven days, while other local trips last between one and three days. Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks are among the destinations, as are ocean and air safaris.

African Memorable Safaris

Jeneby House, Moi Ave, +254 41 2318081, +254 722 901382, e-mail: 

Organises safaris lasting between one and ten days, some from a hot air balloon, as well as excursions lasting between three and ten hours. Tsavo East National Park and Lake Nakuru National Park are among the destinations.

Kinazini Funzi Dhow Safaris

(1 hr south of Mombasa off main Tanzania Rd, bus transport from all beach hotels included),  +254-734-603-250. Every day. 

These safaris include visits to unspoiled Funzi Island by dhow (traditional Arab sailing ship) and canoe explorations of the Ramisi River Mangroves in search of crocs and a variety of birds. The island has beaches for sunbathing and ocean swimming, as well as a restaurant providing lobster and other delicacies. USD105.

Avicennia Island (Funzi Keys),  +254 724 414860. Every Tues, Thurs, Sat. 

Avicenna Island is a place for outdoor activities, such as kayaking through submerged mangrove forests, and sunbathing and swimming the Funzi Sandbar. You can also enjoy seafood barbecue at the Wooden Banda restaurant. USD90.

Food & Restaurants In Mombasa

Mombasa is a multicultural city with influences from Arabic, Chinese, European, and Indian cuisines. Numerous indigenous cuisines include coconut, such as waly ya tui (basmati rice with coconut milk), kuku wa kupaka (chicken with coconut milk), and mahamri (coconut donuts with cardamom).

Budget restaurants in Mombasa

Mvita and tourist hotspots like as the beaches are densely packed with pizzerias and snack bars offering Kenyan cuisine. Numerous hotels also provide this kind of economical dining. If you want to sample Kenyan cuisine at such establishments, ensure that the area is generally clean and does not smell of old frying oil. Additionally, request beverages in unopened bottles, avoid ice, and peel any fruits. If you follow these guidelines, you may have a delicious lunch at a reasonable price – KES250 will get you a huge plate and a drink.

Tea salons and ice cream bars

Cafe Mocha

Tamarind Road, Kongowea (in the Nyali Cinemax),  +254 775 269326. daily 16-24.

Tea salon, pastries, ice cream, and complimentary wireless Internet access.

Pistacchio Café

Meru Rd.

Ice cream and coffee café with a lunch buffet.

Self catering

For those of you who choose to cook your own meals, the most convenient and sanitary option is to visit shops such as Nakumatt, Uchumi, or Tuskys.

Nakumatt Likoni

Nyerere Ave (near the port of the Likoni ferry), +254 733 632134, fax: +254 41 2228943, e-mail: Mo-Sa 9-18.

The biggest mall on the coast of Kenya, with an area of 18000m2. Groceries, home goods, clothing, and gadgets are all available.

Nakumatt Cinemax

Nyali Road, Kongowea (opposite Nyali Cinemax), +254 737 121828, fax: +254 41 470712. Mo-Sa 7-21.

A second Nakumatt location, this time near the Cinemax entertainment area.


Moi Ave, +254 735 777010. Mo-Sa 8-19.


Haile Selassie Rd, +254 41 2319621, +254 729 403873.Sundays closed.

Kongowea Market

Links Road, Kongowea. 3-13.

Kongowea market is one of the biggest in Kenya, covering an area of 4.75 hectares with about 1500 booths. It’s worth visiting for the atmosphere, colors, and scents. Take caution when purchasing meat goods, since they are not always as advertised. If you want to photograph the sellers and their booths, you must first get permission. Additionally, pickpockets operate in the market, so avoid displaying your pricey camera or phone for an extended period of time.

Mid-range restaurants in Mombasa

Island Dishes

Kibokoni Rd (in the old town), toll-free: +254 710 712221.

Cuisines from Kenya and North Africa. This eatery has received favorable reviews for its meals.

Suli Suli

Bamburi Beach, Bamburi (in the Cowrie Shell),  +254 716 427607. 

Barbecue, Kenyan and foreign food. Pool and garden are available. Wedding celebrations on the beach are often organized.

Mubins Cafe

Kisauni Rd. 

Barbecue and other meat dishes are a specialty of East African cuisine. There is also sitting outside.

Safari Inn Bar and Restaurant

Serena Road, Shanzu,  +254 722 671475. daily 9-2. 

Sandwiches and other snacks, as well as Kenyan and Swiss cuisine. If you’re in Mombasa and want rösti or fondue, this is the place to go.


Malindi Road, Nyali (in the City mall). 

Ethiopian cuisine as well as fast meals are available. At night, it transforms into a lounge with DJs and live music.

Blue Room

(corner of Haile Selassie Avenue and Digo Road),  +254 721 786868. daily 7-22. 

Indian and Asian food, as well as hamburgers and specialty ice cream, are available. It’s self-serve.


Fatemi House, Mungano St,  +254 41 2224801, closed Mondays. 

Indian food with a diverse menu that includes both meat and vegetarian options.

Bollywood Bites

Tamarind Road, Kongowea (in the Nyali Cinemax), +254 41 4470000, +254 733 470000, e-mail: 

Non-smoking portion, catering service, vegetarian restaurant featuring dishes from diverse Indian cuisines.


Malindi Road, Bamburi (in the Indiana Beach Hotel),  +254 734 126699, e-mail: 

Indian cuisine.


Malindi Road, Bamburi,  +254 41 2015160, +254 706 512292, e-mail: Wednesday closed. 

Pizza, pasta, and seafood are all part of the Italian cuisine.

Il Covo Bamburi

Malindi Road, Bamburi (on the beach),  +254 41 5487460, e-mail: 

Disco, Italian and Japanese food They specialize on seafood and offer a lounge and a sushi bar.


Links Road, Nyali,  +254 41 471454. daily 12-15, 18-23.

Cuisine from Japan. A reservation for a table is required.

Galaxy Chinese Restaurant Mombasa

Mama Ngina Dr (in the Florida Night Club),  +254 11 311256. Open every day. 

The most popular Chinese restaurant in town, with a big menu that includes house specialities.

Thalassa Restaurant & Lounge

Nyali Bridge Road, Kongowea, +254 721 242711, e-mail: 

Traditional Kenyan and French cuisines are served. There are two bars and a dance floor in the restaurant. The establishment is a part of a safari-planning firm.

Smugglers Cove Seafood

Mount Kenya Road, Nyali (in the Voyager Beach Resort),  +254 702 868430, e-mail:

Seafood and fish are popular choices.

Sea Haven

Off Malindi Road, Shanzu (next to Sheba Resorts & Lodges).

Seafood and fish are popular choices. Terrace with a view of the sea.

Hunters Steack House

Off Cement Silo Road, Kongowea (opposite Tamarind Mombasa),  +254 41 957474, e-mail:moc.liamg@esuohkaetssretnuh. Tuesday closed. 

International food, BBQ, and handmade pastries are all available.


Malindi Road, Bamburi (on the beach),  +254 41 5485950, e-mail: daily 10-24. 

International food, BBQ, and ice cream prepared from scratch are all available.

POA Restaurant & Grill

Malindi Road, Bamburi (in the Tembo Entertainment Plaza), toll-free: +254 722 411873. each night 18-6. 

Tembo Entertainment Plaza is located near the Nakumatt Nyali retail center on the North Coast. Snacks and burgers are available, as well as delicacies from Germany, Italy, India, China, and Thailand, as well as seafood. The bar is open all night.


Mtwapa (on Mtwapa Creek, first road to the left after Mtwapa bridge), e-mail: 

Seafood and fish are popular choices. Trips to Zanzibar on a dhow are also available.

Restaurants with a high price tagvin Mombasa

Tamarind Mombasa

Cement Silo Road, Kongowea,  +254 41 4471747, +254 733 623583, fax: +254 41 4474630, open daily 12-14:30 and 19:30-22:30.

It is the island’s most popular tourist attraction. It provides freshly caught seafood, unusual meals, and nightly entertainment while overlooking Old Harbour. Reservations are required.

Tamarind Dhow

Jetty Tamarind Mombasa, Kongowea,  +254 41 4471747, +254 722 205160, fax: +254 41 4471257, 

Embark at the Tamarind Mombasa Jetty and dine while boating around Tudor Creek. Seafood and fish, as well as a broad range of beverages. Reservations are required.

Shopping In Mombasa

In tiny stores, bartering is popular, as it is across Africa. The first price is frequently greater than what is ordinarily paid for the product, especially if you are an evident foreigner.

The areas of Kinyozi, Mwembe, and Tayari, which surround Haile Selassie Road and Biashara Street, are the greatest locations to purchase souvenirs (Biashara means “commerce” in Swahili). The following are some of his specialties:

  • kitenge (vitenge in plural) : Women’s textiles with bright designs that may be wrapped around the waist or knotted around the head
  • kanga : similar to kitenge, but with a border running down the sides with a Swahili saying printed on it.
  • kikoi (vikoi in plural) : the “kitenge” for men, which is occasionally made of wool and generally has stripes or tartan on it.
  • batik : Batik, which originated on the Indonesian island of Java, has been practiced on the Kenyan coast for generations. The cloths are weaved by hand, but not painted by hand. It is not recommended that this item be laundered in a washing machine.
  • kiondo or chondo (vyondo in plural) : Beads and shells are often used to embellish handcrafted handbags with leather trim.
  • ndala : These beautiful sandals are handcrafted from leather and used tires (for the soles). They make a terrific Mombasa memento. Colorful beads and bits of leather are used by local artisans to create a wide range of forms and ornamentation. There are never two pairings alike. KES500.

Stores offering silver jewelry and small furniture created in the Swahili style may be found in the old town. Haggling is also the norm here.

There are two major workshops that offer their products directly to customers:

  • Bombolulu Workshops & Cultural Centre (BWCC), Bombolulu Estate, Kisauni,  +254 723 560933, e-mail: Jewelery, leather, and textile goods, as well as wooden sculptures produced by one of the 150 artists with physical disabilities who work there, are sold at this cultural center. The Association for the Physically Disabled in Kenya created Bombolulu Workshops in 1969 as a project (APDK). Tourists flock to this facility, which employs 150 handicapped people who make jewelry, textiles, wood, and leather crafts. It is Kenya’s biggest rehabilitation institution.
  • Akamba Handicraft, Barracks Obama Road, Chaani,  +254 41 3432241, e-mail: Sculpted wood objects that are both decorative and functional. Because the carvings are produced by hand, each one is unique. In the store, you can see the artists at work, and there’s also a showroom with a variety of exhibitions.

Shopping Malls & Supermarkets

  • City Mall Nyali. Mombasa’s first modern shopping mall. There is a Nakunatt grocery there.
  • Naivas Supermarkets. 06.45am-08.30pm. There are two shops Nyali and Bumburi are two cities in the state of Bumburi. Kenya’s most affordable supermarket
  • Tuskys has two locations in Mombasa.
  • Uchumi – On Moi Avenue, Uchumi has just one shop. 8am-9pm.
  • Nakunatt – In Mombasa, Nakunatt presently has five locations. Diani Beach, Likoni, Nakumatt Clnemax, Nyali, and Bamburi are all places worth visiting.

Nightlife In Mombasa

In Mombasa Town and the North Coast, there are several nice bars, pubs, and entertainment venues. In Mombasa and the settlement of Mtwapa, the nightlife is highly active (15km north of Mombasa, called “the village that never sleeps”).

Jahazi Coffee House

Ndia Kuu Rd,   +254 726 409436, daily 8-19:30. 

Arabic teas and coffees served hot or cold, fresh fruit juices, snacks.

Casablanca Club

Mnazi Moja Rd,  +254 722 867774. open daily, 24h. 

One of the largest clubs in Mombasa, open around the clock. It features two dance floors, four bars and a restaurant. Reservation obligatory.


Malindi Road, Bamburi beach,  +254 733 628986, open daily, 24h. 

Open air bar and disco with cheap beer. Fairly popular for watching sports events on their wide-screen tv.

Pirates Beach Club

Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach, Bamburi, +254 41 5487119. 

Bar and dancing on the beach.

The Clifftop Terrace

Cement Silo Road, Kongowea (same address as Tamarind Mombasa), +254 41 4474600, 

Cocktail and sushi specialties, terrace with view of old Mombasa.

Florida Night Club

Mama Ngina Dr (bordering the ocean),  +254 41 4471071, fax: +254 41 2313127, e-mail: open daily, 24h. 

Night club, bar and casino. Reportedly famous for their chicken wings, they advertise 50 years of experience in the entertainment business.

Bob’s Bar

Malindi Road, Nyali. 

Lively and popular bar located near Tembo. This bar and grill is where a lot of great nights out get started. One of the few bars that is open until sunrise! 3 bars, one of them has a terrace. Disco. Serves food.

Sheba Lounge

City Mall (Nakumatt Nyali) Rooftop,  +254 707 717770.

Best up to date music, upscale ambiance, price level higher than average

Big Tree

Next to Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach Bamburi, Mombasa-Malindi Road, +254-721-437448. 

Dance club directly at the sea front with a very good atmosphere and super sexy dance contests.

Comfy Lounge

The exclusive Comfy Lounge is laid out in a posh and stylish upmarket design with comfortable sofa sets, tables, stools and a large bar counter. It’s open daily from 18 to 6, with good background music until 11PM, thereafter the latest dance music until wee hours. Revellers can shake a leg on the medium-sized dance floor.

Lollipop Go-Go Bar

daily from 21 until 5. Attractive table dancers performing exotic non-stop table dance shows. There is a large collection of cocktails and international beverages on the bar card.

Bavaria Beer Garden

The ideal around the clock meeting place. Bavaria never closes. It’s an Bavarian Oktoberfest styled beer garden equipped with a giant 3x3m TV Screen showing live sports events.

Festivals & Events In Mombasa

Throughout the year, there are a variety of events:

Marathon and triathlon

The International Triathlon Federation has been organizing this event in the Southern Hemisphere autumn since 1985. A annual triathlon race has been held in the Austral spring since 2006.

European film festival

Coin de Moi Avenue and Kwa Shibu Road(localities of l’Alliance française),  +254 41 2225048, +254 733 439999, e-mail: 2 weeks yearly in May or June.

The Alliance Française is in charge of organizing the event.

Dragon Boat Race

Tudor Creek (next to Tudor Water Sport).

Every year in the spring in the Southern Hemisphere. A dragon boat race in which each boat has 20 rowers and a tambourine player providing the beat.

Round Table Mombasa n° 3 Go-Kart 

Shanzu (on the right hand side of Malindi Road),  +254 721 485247.

Every year in the spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Three racing tracks for a go-cart endurance event. Located on the previously described go-kart circuit.


Moi Ave. Yearly in November.

It takes place in the streets of Mvita in November. It’s a vibrant procession with roughly 50 chariots and 3000 dancers dressed in traditional Kenyan garb.

Safari Rally

The Kenya National Rally Championship is held once a year.

Stay Safe & Healthy In Mombasa

Stay Safe in Mombasa

Several nations have issued warnings that the city center is unsafe at night, that carjacking is common, and that robberies on the beaches after sunset are possible. When it comes to your surroundings, use common sense and a healthy dose of skepticism.

Taking pictures or filming airports, banks, military locations, police stations, soldiers, or police personnel without authority is frowned upon — if not downright forbidden — in Kenya, as it is everywhere in Africa. In general, you should ask individuals for permission to photograph them. Keep an eye out for pickpockets and don’t flaunt valuable devices while strolling. When driving, whether during the day and at night, keep the automobile doors closed.

The police are present in public locations, particularly in tourist destinations such as Mvita and the beaches. Security guards patrol public venues such as airports, post offices, banks, and shopping malls. Similarly, upper-class residences and apartment complexes are patrolled 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Following the Kenyan military’s participation in Somalia, the terrorist group Al Shabaab has launched a series of assaults around the nation, including several in Mombasa. If you’re on an outdoor patio, avoid sitting adjacent to the road. You should also avoid riding matatus, leaving any place where there are continuous protests, and visiting the slums without a guide. Before venturing out on your own, check with the hotel personnel to see which places are safe.

  • Police, Mama Ngina Dr,  +254 41 225501, +254 41 222121, toll-free: 112 or 999.
  • Central police station, Makadara Rd, +254 41 225501, toll-free: 112 or 999.
  • Local police stations :
    • Bamburi,  +254 41 548210.
    • Changamwe,  +254 41 433700.
    • Likoni, +254 41 451222.
    • Makupa,  +254 41 491605.
    • Nyali,  +254 41 477555.
  • Municipal fire brigade, Biashara St, toll-free: 112 or 999.
  • The port fire brigade, Port Kilindini Rd (next to Kipevu bridge), toll-free: 112 or 999.
  • Committee for disaster management, Bima Tower, Digo Rd (in the regional administration building),  +254 788 911911, +254 756 911911

Stay healthy in Mombasa

There are over 60 healthcare institutions in the Mombasa region, ranging from hospitals to tiny clinics. In collaboration with the US government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, several of them also have a disease control and prevention center.

In Mvita

Mvita is home to Mombasa’s main hospitals, including Kenya’s second biggest public hospital, Coast Grand Hospital. This hospital focuses on otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and odontology in addition to the “Lady Grigg” maternity unit. It features contemporary technology as well as a laboratory and pharmacy that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Port Reitz and Likoni’s public hospitals are minor branches of the Coast General Hospital.

  • Coast General Hospital and Lady Grigg Maternity, Kisauni Road (Coast General Hospital) and Abdel Nasser Road (Lady Grigg Maternity),  +254 41 2314204,+254 722 207868, fax: +254 41 2220161, e-mail: Public hospital with 672 beds.
  • Mombasa Hospital, Hospital Rd,  +254 41 2312191, +254 722 203755, fax: +254 41 2229254. Private hospital with 124 beds.
  • Pandya Memorial Hospital, Dedan Kimathi Rd,  +254 41 2313577, +254 722 206424, fax: +254 41 2221787, e-mail: Private hospital with 100 beds.
  • Aga Khan Hospital, Vanga Rd,  +254 41 2227710, +254 733 641020, fax: +254 41 2313278, e-mail: University hospital with 82 beds.
  •  Alternative Pharmacy, Old Malindi Road, Kisauni,  +254 721 169922. open 24h daily.
  • Ambulances St John, Wajir Road, 80100,  +254 20 340262, +254 733 930000, e-mail: Ambulances.
  • Kenya Red Cross (Kenya Red Cross), Aga Khan Road, 80100,  +254 41 2224161, +254 725 292000, fax: +254 41 2313236,

In Changamwe

  • Port Reitz District Hospital, Port Reitz Road, Port Reitz,  +254 720 419492, e-mail: Public hospital with 166 beds.

In Kisauni

  • Salama Medical Clinic, Old Malindi Road, Kisauni. Private clinic.
  • Sayyidah Fatima Municipal Hospital, Old Malindi Road, Kisauni. Private clinic.
  • Bombolulu Pharmacy, Old Malindi Road, Kisauni,  +254 731 602229.

In Likoni

  • Likoni District Hospital, Likoni-Ukunda Rd,  +254 738 387603, Public hospital with 14 beds.



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