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A marriage proposal under clouds

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If you are looking for the perfect place for a marriage proposal, see the latest list of memorable romantic destination for this act of love. Although many believe that the proposal only part of the tradition, the original men invest much effort that his beloved heroine feel like in beautiful fairy tale that day. Guided by the belief that the perfect engagement most important part of design, the magazine Ask Men has compiled a list of the top 10 places in the world that are ideal for ‘ringing’ future wife. Maybe just choosing the right place is crucial for what kind of a response would  give your gentler half.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


This northern country isn`t only famous for watches and Roger Federer. It boasts a quiet, odd and multifunctional places to be ‘tucked away’ from the rest of the world. Take your better half on a picnic, and while she admires the waterfalls behind them miss the peaks of the Alps covered with snow, sneaking one to her irresistible swiss chocolate bars with box where shining engagement ring.

Noosa, Australia


Despite constant warnings of floods, you still think that there is no alternative for Venice? However, a romantic gondola ride chosen ones who can afford it in Australia. Place yourself in Queensland and organize mini navigation through Noosa beautiful river, and take with you some of the gorgeous Australian wine. While enjoying sipping a divine drink, tell her you want to be beside you forever.

Phnom Bakheng, Cambodia


Going to this part of the world for your beloved will be the most beautiful proof of love, because it is very likely that you will pushing locals repeatedly clear that she is your wife. Hire an elephant that will ‘reject’ to the Cambodian steep hill, and you can narrow stairs to climb to it`s peak and find a quiet corner with a fantastic view. At this spot check sunset and the time when the sun goes down for 1,100 year old temple, give her the ring.

Queenstown, New Zealand


This is the perfect location for a marriage proposal, but only if your dear is a fan of ‘Lord of the Rings’. It is one of the most recognizable locations where the film was shot, and if you want to your idea be completely authentic, make sure you’re dressed as Frodo from the sci-fi saga. If she doesn`t know for the ‘Lord of the Rings’  you have a perfect ‘plan B’ – Nevis Ark, the highest swing in the world. The ideal moment for proposal is somewhere in the middle of the road, 300 meters above the majestic canyon.

Pont des Arts, Paris


City of Light is synonymous for romance and it is the ideal choice for the proposal. However, when you chosing a location for the act, don`t forget that the Eiffel Tower has already become a cliché. Instead, take a tour to Pont des Arts, the bridge on which the Big and Carrie finally realized that they were meant for each other in the final episode of ‘Sex and the City’.

The coast of Namibia, Africa


Although the scenery means going into an unstable African region, a little adventure can be the right way to spice up your love at ‘D-Day’. This coast is the richest in the world because of diamonds that are hidden under the sand. Therefore, if you are going on a trip without the engagement ring, you can always hop over to a local jewelry store and more than affordable price buy ring with original African diamonds. Blinded by the brilliance of the namibia`s diamond, your beloved with no doubt say the ‘yes’.

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