Sunday, December 3, 2023

Why do we throw coins in the “FOUNTAIN DI TREVI”?

MagazineInteresting factsWhy do we throw coins in the “FOUNTAIN DI TREVI”?

Everyone who visits Rome certainly throws a coin into the famous fountain, but does not know what eventually happens to all that money. This tradition gained popularity in 1954 thanks to the comedy “Three Coins in the Fountain”, but it actually started much earlier.

According to the initial belief, the glass of water from the fountain meant good luck and a quick return to the ‘Eternal City’. Over time, the legend evolved into the belief that the one who tossed a coin over his left shoulder, with his back to the fountain, would ensure a quick return to the city. Today this money is collected by workers from Catholic charity organization “Caritas”, and it is used to purchase food for the poor, but also for the implementation of various social programs.

Financial assistance is due in more than 200 countries around the world, because   3,000 euros are collected from the Trevi each day.

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