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Kenya – the best safari

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The best safari in the world where animals can be seen in it’s full natural habitat at only few kilometers, baobab trees, exotic markets, villages where time has long stopped, hot tropical climate and the Masai tribal dance – are exactly what Kenya offers to it’s visitors.

Besides luxury hotels in Mombasa, on the way to the heart of this great country are prepared only oneswho don’t mind about to huge poverty and bad hygiene.

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, it is located along the coast of the Indian Ocean, and it is mostly located on the island, while a bridge it‘s most interesting to visitors. This is the largest port of the country, which is characterized by market euphoria, and the trade is unique. Customers who retain on a stall even a second – will certainly have to buy the goods, because retailers can not be refused! On the streets is an amazing crowd. The city is very poor and quite unsafe, but it is constantly vigilant. People are on the streets day and night. City mini-buses known as – matatu, are very flexible, so the citizens can stop at any place.

For those who want to spending time in the sun, there is a huge number of beautiful beaches along the coastline, with bars, restaurants and an active nightlife. Tourist attraction is the dance of the Masai, a tribe of warriors who live in the villages in the interior. Mombasa makes it unique wildlife, because of the proximity of the national parks.

The largest city is Nairobi, with three million people, but it is visited only by few travelers, because it is three times dirtier than Mombasa, and the crime rate is alarming. However, the night life is the richest. The main tourist season is in January and February. During this period, the animals in the national parks are often gather around the water, and they are easier to spot.

Kenyan nature provides everything that is expected of Africa – the second highest mountain on the continent, plateau, desert, and also opportunity to enjoy in the ocean beaches, coral reefs …

The three largest national parks are the Masai Mara, Tsavo East and Aberdare. Masai Mara is one of the most famous and with an area of ​​320 square kilometers is one of the largest not only in Kenya, but also in the whole of Africa. Animals move freely around the park and provide opportunities for visitors to see them in their natural habit. Tsavo East park is known for it’s red soil and very rich vegetation. Zebras, antelopes, giraffes and elephants are seen everywhere. There is also Aberdare, among the oldest Kenyan parks, and certainly the most beautiful, because it is inhabited by exotic animals. You should visit the Lake Victoria, located in the southwest of Kenya. From this lake moves one of the largest river, the river Nile.  Residents in Kenya’s tourist areas, such as Mombasa, are very friendly and try to please the visitors.

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