Saturday, November 25, 2023

Who is a more reliable “guide”: the Internet or a map?

MagazineTravel tipsWho is a more reliable "guide": the Internet or a map?

People are increasingly relying on smartphones and the internet when organizing trips, but “old-fashioned technology” still survives.

A new study has shown that simple (paper) brochures and maps are still used on travel.

A study by Bentley University in the United States showed that people still trust maps more.

As many as seven out of ten tourists take brochures and maps of the destination they visit, and as many as 69 percent decide to visit a country thanks to promotional brochures.

Overall, 95 percent of travelers said they were directly influenced by the information from the brochures to visit some attractions they didn’t previously know existed.

“What is interesting about this research is that even today, despite the fact that there are many sources of information about tourist attractions, travelers believe in printed brochures and maps the most after arriving at the destination,” says Jan Kross from Bentley University.

The survey, commissioned by the International Visitor Information Association, included more than 1,700 respondents from North America, Europe and South Africa.

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