Thursday, December 3, 2020

Travel Is The Key To Happiness

Magazine Travel news Travel Is The Key To Happiness

Whatever vacation they want in a luxury hotel or in a household in the country, the travel planning and the vacation make people happy, so that they would rather go somewhere, than for example “on a date”, so the result of a inquiry of under 17 thousand asked persons.

For most respondents, travel is the key to true happiness, according to a study conducted in 17 countries. Nearly half of those surveyed said that a vacation trip brings them more happiness than their wedding day, while more than three-quarters (about 77 percent) say they book such trips to cheer themselves up when they need it.

Fifty percent of respondents look forward to the vacation more than to a new job, 45 percent more than to an engagement and 30 percent more than to the birth of a child, while 56 percent prefer the vacation over material goods such as clothing, jewelry and household appliances and almost 50 percent prefer the trip over the renovation of their home.

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Seven out of ten respondents said that they spend their vacations best when they feel at home where they are staying, and more than two thirds prefer to stay in a hotel, hostel or villa, while one third feel best in an apartment or house with locals.

The emotional ecstasy of travel occurs at every stage of the process, from planning to booking to travel, and 72 percent of respondents say they are excited about their vacation destination, according to .

The research data also shows a correlation between enjoying the booking experience and satisfaction during the trip, which means that one of the best indicators of a happy vacation is a pleasant booking process and that a well-planned trip and a simple instant booking can significantly increase satisfaction, no matter what trip or stay travelers are looking for.

The study also shows a great dependence on travel planning and booking, with more than a third of respondents admitting that they do research for vacation months and some even a year in advance. If they are already on vacation, nearly nine out of ten respondents say that the first day of vacation and the moment they see where they will be accommodated for the first time are the happiest moments.

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