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Bunyadi „Naked restaurant“

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„Naked restaurant“ Bunyadi has so far attracted many visitors in London and Tokyo, and now it will be open in Paris, even temporarily. Owner Seb Lijal with the chef Džono Hope through the “Bunjadi” wants to give its customers “great food with a sense of complete freedom “and that his idea of ​​a good evidenced by the fact that since May, when the first restaurant opened in London, the waiting list has grown to a whopping 46,000 people.

Release in Paris will “pop-up” restaurant, or a place that will temporarily be in one location. “We are excited to go to Paris, we take the whole team out there and we’re looking for the right place. We have three options, which are offered to us by people from restaurants industry in Paris. They came to us and said „We would like to open in Paris”; said Lijal.

He also announced that “Bunjadi” in London ready for the move, because in the existing restaurant is  “too hot.“ „We had a brilliant few months, it’s time to move on,“ he said. “Bunjadi” has two menus, vegan and non vegan and has a separate room for those who want to enjoy the food dressed. Those who are more attached to the original concept pass to the part of the locker room, and then they can receive a tunic to wear but they don’t have to.

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