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Strange Asian Laws That Can Put You In Jail

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In Asia, you can do something stupid that is not allowed by law, and end up in prison for a few months, or be punished with beatings. These are some of the strange Asian laws that can take you to prison.

If you are a gay person, it is not recommended to travel to Malaysia. A kiss from a friend can result in up to 20 years in prison and you may be whipped in public.

In the United Arab Emirates, it is dangerous to spread a few things on social networks. Australian Jody Maggie took a picture and shared on Facebook a picture of a car parked over two places for the disabled. She expected punishment from the car owner, and instead Maggie was accused of ‘bad writing on social media about that person’. She was placed in prison, and soon deported to her country.

Also in the United Arab Emirates, Australian Alicia Galli ended up behind bars for eight months, explaining that she had an ‘illegal sexual relationship’. To make matters worse, she reported colleagues who drugged and raped her, but she ended up in prison, not the colleagues she reported.

Sex outside of marriage is also forbidden in Jordan, and here you can get stuck for up to three years in prison.

In Myanmar it is forbidden to joke with religious feelings. New Zealander Phil Blackwood spent 13 months in a cell without windows in prison for posting a photographed Buddha on Facebook, wearing headphones and advertising cheap drinks prices. Needless to say about the conditions in prison, when he lost 20 kilograms.

The laws in Singapore are quite strict, so here you can be severely punished for chewing gum, throwing garbage, smoking cigarettes in illegal places.

Enjoy the wonderful beaches in beautiful Thailand and don’t think of saying anything against their king. Many are already in prison for this. For example, one man mocked the king’s dog, so he was sentenced to many years in prison for this trifle.

Criminal acts in Turkey are an insult to Atatürk, the flag of Turkey, and not having personal documents, so it is better to take this into account.

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