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10 Celebs who own luxurious private islands

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Johnny Depp: The actor owns a 45-acre island in the Bahamas where he enjoys his privacy.

Shakira: The singer and co-founder of the band “Pink Floyd” share ownership of an island north of the Bahamas bought in 2011.

Pamela Anderson: Her ex-husband Tommy Lee bought his ex-wife, Pamela Anderson an island in Dubai in 2007 in order to win her over.

Leonardo Di Caprio bought Blackadore Caye, an unpopulated, private 104-acre Belizean island. He is now building a luxury eco-resort there which is to open in 2018.

Mel Gibson: The actor purchased volcanic Mago Island in 2005 which is located in Fiji.

John Lennon: He bought the island of Ireland, which is called “The Island of the Beatles.” After the singer’s death, the island was sold by his wife Yoko Ono.

Tyler Perry: In 2009, Tyler Perry purchased the White Bay Cay in the Bahamas on his 40th birthday. He also took pilot lessons so he could fly his private plane.

Ricky Martin: The singer reportedly paid $ 8 million for an island near the Brazilian coast in 2008.

David Koperfield: Famous illusionist actually owns 11 islands in the Bahamas, as well as a resort that he rents to famous guests, including Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates.

Richard Branson: Founder and director of “Virgin Group” rents Necker Island for 62 thousand dollars a day. He became its owner in 1978.

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