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In Paris, the best things are free

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Paris is considered for one of the most expensive cities in the world, but in the City of Light nicest things are free. Beside love, which is free, visit the many attractions of this city. This fascinating city, many tourists wrongly neglected in favor of Versailles and Disneyland. Panteon isn`t only beautiful building but also a place wher are the graves of the great thinkers Voltaire and Rousseau. With the dome offers perhaps the best view of Paris.

Notre Dame is near the St. Peter’s in Rome, definitely the most photographed church in the world. In addition to this church from the 12th century, the entrance to the other sacred objects is free. A strong recommendation is to go to Montmartre to the church Sakrker (Sacred Heart), from whose terraces can see Paris in your palm. In addition to the oldest church in town, St. Peter’s Church, which was built on the foundations of a temple dedicated to the god Mars.

Center Pompidou is a paradise for lovers of modern art, avant-garde view of the architecture, the right place to drink coffee and free view the exhibition.

Per Lashez is the most famous cemetery in the world. Rather, it is a garden with works of art. Here you can see mausoleums, shrines, monuments Balkazu, Proust, Moliere, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Sarah Bernhardt, Isidora Duncan and, of course, Jim Morrison.

Pale Royal hides many secrets, especially the restaurant “Grand Vrfur” where Napoleon, Balzac, Proust lunched. This palace is a hidden treasure in which to relax, walk, enjoy the garden among the roses, as did Simon de Beauvoir as a student.

The park, which are an inseparable part of a visit to Paris, are completely free. Visit park of Luxembourg is mandatory for tourists with children because there is the oldest carousel and puppet theater Gunjol. In the fifth arrondissement is a botanical garden, as well as the oldest zoo in Europe, which is paid entrance. Behind the park are the Great Mosque and the Arab Institute where on the top floor can drink mint tea inexpensive.

Flea markets are parisian invention and each part of the city has its own market .. At flea markets shopping is extremely convenient. Work on Saturdays and Sundays until 13 o’clock.

During the summer, tourists can enjoy in a free dinner party. In the largest Parisian park, De la Villette in July and August free movies realised. The situation is similar in other parks. In Paris on Sunday night organizing a series of free concerts for 90 years! and program at Notre Dame is free, but who loves jazz should go to Floral Park.

Few people know that the French federation of chefs to promote their country for years organizes many free cooking courses. Most of them are during the food trade show. Another way to be free is to eat standing next to the bar. In many bars like “Le Bouillon Belz” with beer offer free shells or french fries, as well as weekends in a cafe “TRIBAL”. Café “Three Brothers” Thursday couscous served with sausages.

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