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Hallstatt: Austrian UNESCO town

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Hallstatt is so pretty that the Chinese even made a replica of it Hallstatt, a small Austrian town  between the towering Dachstein mountains and the tranquil Hallstatt  lake, near Salzburg, is on UNESCO’s list of world heritage. The town looks like a fairy tale.

Hallstatt is one of the oldest known salt mine in the world from which this valuable mineral mined for thousands of years. The architecture of the city and a beautiful landscaped market breathtaking, but Hallstatt rightly attracts many tourists from around the world. These qualities were aware the Chinese, but in 2011 a mining company built a replica of the entire city in the province of Henan. Some Austrians were skeptical about this project, but the mayor of Hallstatt saw a great opportunity for tourism development, and personally attended the opening ceremony in the industrial city of Luoyang.

Today, thousands of Chinese people a year visit the Austrian town to show respect to the original Hallstatt.

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