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The most beautiful stadiums in the world

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Maybe you aren’t a football fan but a magnificent stadiums, where the best play, are breathtaking beauty.

If you aren’t fan of most important secondary thing in the world, you won’t remain indifferent before the magnificent stadiums where only the world’s best soccer teams have a chance to play. These stadiums have become a real tourist destination. All of them have organized tours for tourists in several languages.

See some of the most spectacular stadiums in the world.

“Wembley”, London

London football stadium from 2007 can receive even 90,000 visitors. Another 15,000 people are receiving on the pitch during a big concert. It is one of the most expensive stadium in the world, a roof over the auditorium can be partially retracted. Stadium distinctive sign “Wembley” is 134 meters high and 317 meters long steel arch, which is a unique structure in the world.


“Rungrado May First”, Pyongyang

The capital of North Korea, Pyongyang, is the city where is settled a beautiful stadium “Rungrado May Day” which was built in 1989. The stadium can accommodate a staggering 150,000 people and this make it the largest in the world.

Some compare this game with flower magnolia because it is bordered with 16 large arches. The stadium is also known because beside the football it hosts spectacular celebrations that celebrate North Korea and it’s way of life.


“Maracana”, Rio de Janeiro

Popular Brazilian beauty “Marakana”, located in Rio de Janeiro, with a spectacular football match offers visitors and large concerts and other sporting events.

With a capacity of 82,238 seats, “Maracana” stadium is the largest in South America.


“Camp Nou”, Barcelona

The stadijum of Football Club “Barcelona” has a capacity of 99,354 places and that making it the largest European stadium. “Camp Nou” was inaugurated in 1957.

In addition to football, it hosting numerous global mega-star. In the stadium there is a museum (Museu FC Barcelona) where you can learn all about the history of the popular Spanish football club.


“Allianz Arena”, Munich

The stadium “Allianz Arena”, built in 2005, is one of the most modern in the world. Arena is the home of the football club “Bayern” from Munich. Subway to this beautiful stadium can be reached from the center of Munich in just 16 minutes. Covered area for spectators can accommodate 69,901 visitors.

The facade of the arena covered with thin sheets of only 0.2 millimeters and each panel can have red, blue or white. In this arena are played the game FIFA World Cup 2006.


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