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10 Best Carnivals In The World

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This is a list of cities that offer the best carnivals in the world, so if you like masquerade parties, these are the destinations you could visit.


Carnival in Venice, Italy

Carnival brings joy and celebration to all Italian cities, but it is certainly the most famous Venetian carnival. If you always wanted to be someone else, you are in the right place, because the masks are very spectacular. Carnival time: it begins two Saturdays before the pure Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday. During this time you can enjoy various concerts and parades, which are free for all visitors.

Port of Spain

Carnival in Port of Spain

The capital of Trinidad and Tobago is widely known for its carnival. It is the largest event of its kind in the Caribbean. During Carnival, the celebrations of the “slaves” are often combined with Catholic customs. The locals dance joyfully in the streets so you can join them in celebration, and here you can taste food you won’t find anywhere else in the western hemisphere.


Carnival in Montevideo

And the capital of Uruguay has its own carnival. If you are here in late January or early February, don’t be surprised by the sound of drums in the city streets, because it is a carnival ceremony. If you visit this city at any other time, you should know that there is also a carnival museum that you can visit.



Croats love this carnival in Rijeka, which is attended by people from all over Croatia, but also visitors from abroad. The highlight of the carnival ceremony is the parade in the city center, and the trademark of the carnival are the bell-ringers.



Quebec has a slightly different carnival. During the carnival, the city is specially decorated and adorned, and winter sports are the most celebrated. The city is full of ice rinks, ice sculptures, but also various shows, including skiing, field hockey and sled dogs.

New Orleans


This city is known as the cradle of jazz, but also as a place where probably the best carnival after Rio and Venice is held – Mardi Gras. Here, masks are perhaps the most creative, and every year during the carnival, a river of domestic and foreign tourists flows into the city. It is best to join the parade and enjoy!

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Winter is warm here, so the pleasant climate is a big plus for visiting the carnival. While having fun under masks, you will enjoy the sun’s rays. The carnival is quite extravagant, and reminiscent of the Brazilian one.



The largest carnival in Mexico and the third largest in the world takes place in Mazatlan. It is said that this carnival is actually a mixture of everything and everyone – mariachis, fiestas, Christian traditions… There are also fireworks, parades and live music, so if you are a fan of all this, visit this city during the carnival.



In this city the carnival usually begins one week after the end of carnivals around the world. This carnival lasts from February to March and is a worldwide Protestant carnival in which about 20 thousand people participate.

Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The most famous and biggest carnival in the world takes place every year in Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the most important events for the Brazilian culture, which begins 40 days before Easter. Several million people go out on the streets, they dance samba and there is fun all over the city. This carnival is definitely one of the things to put on the “wish list”.

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10 Best Carnivals In The World

This is a list of cities that offer the best carnivals in the world, so if you like masquerade parties, these are the destinations...

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