Saturday, March 6, 2021

Visiting Vienna With Homeeless People As Guides

Magazine Travel news Visiting Vienna With Homeeless People As Guides

The Vienna authorities have introduced a new experience of guided tours through the city, a city tour with homeless people as guides. So from now on, they will be able to find something different in addition to the standard guides you can find all over the city.

You will now be able to experience sightseeing tours in Vienna under the expert guidance of homeless people, so you will probably discover the city differently with these guides. This is a pretty good way to show support for people who live on the streets.

The city tour is in English and German, and three different routes are available with three different guides. Each of them will tell you about their experiences of living without a home and explain what it looks like when you are homeless in Vienna.

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The ideological guardian of the whole project, Perrin Schober, explained: “The project was created primarily to show poverty through tourism, but also to show people that they often have completely unjustified prejudices against homeless people.

During her travels, Schober realized that something similar existed in Amsterdam, London and Barcelona and thought that homeless people could be helped in this way. This type of city tour can also be booked online.

It is estimated that 10,000 people in Vienna have no home and more than a thousand live on the streets.

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