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Extravagant Services In Airplanes

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All airlines make every effort to offer their passengers a comfortable and luxurious flight. Some have even tried to elevate luxury to the level of extravagance.

When the A380 was designed by Emirates, the distorted part of the interior looked useless. Soon the idea was born and this space was transformed into a shower cabin.Now every passenger can book 30 minutes in the spa cabin, with hygiene products from Bulgari and high-quality plush bathrobes.

The Singapore Airlines aircraft has a cabin with a double bed, doors with wooden glazing, leather seats and shelves for things. The bed can be sprinkled with petals at the passenger’s request and champagne must be served. Bed linen, blankets and pyjamas are Givenchy brand.

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The German airline Lufthansa serves its passengers with wines of the highest quality. These wines are hard to find. In collaboration with Marcus del Moneg, the German world champion in wine production, the company offers top wines and the wine list changes every month.

Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, which has a residence consisting of a living room, a bedroom and a private bathroom on one flight.This residence is furnished for two people, with a two-seater and a dining table with Vera Wang glass. A meal for a more luxurious experience is served with Chinese dishes by Bernardo. Next to the residence there is a butler who is at your service and will bring you breakfast in bed in the morning.

Air France works with the famous chef Daniel Bulud and serves passengers unusual meals, but his dishes are only available on planes that depart from major American cities. Planes departing from other places serve dishes prepared by a number of other equally famous chefs.

Air Malta also offers non-First Class passengers a more luxurious treatment, allowing them to enjoy a massage of the hands, feet and neck while listening to music.

Other companies serve champagne and caviar in first class.

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