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The best ideas for holidays in Greece

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Magazin „The Guardian“ asked users about the best ideas for a holiday in Greece – what doing and where and how to have great time in this country. These are some of the best proposal.

Taverna “at the end of the world”, the island Samos. At the end of coastline extending nearly four kilometers, almost on the cliff, there is Kohili tavern located in front of the sign that says “end of the world”. In this tavern you will enjoy fine food, justsurrounded by three of lemon and olive trees and the endless blue sea. The taverns can be reached by bike.

Jeep safari, Rhodos. Explore the west side of the island by jeep. The true off-road adventure for adrenaline junkies. This adventure is organized Bumpy Rhodes Safaris agency and the price ranges from 40 euros.

Siros Island. It is an island in the Cyclades group, which is also the most advanced and most populated. On it you can enjoy a blend of modern and traditional at every step. The town of Ano Syros offers a lot, and has the most modern taverns and shops where you can shop handicrafts. North side of the island offers stunning beaches and food, especially the village of San Michalis, where there is a tavern Plakostroto from which to watch the beautiful sunset.

Macedonian region of Greece. Nymphaio is a beautiful mountain village with the fresh air where no tourist crowds, even in high season. Highlights asylum for bears Arcturos which includes bears rescued from the circus. Macedonia region is perfect for those who want quiet and active holidays.

Culinary adventures, Crete. This type of activity is great for gourmans or people who just love to cook. The concept is as follows: eight days you have stored on the farm, personally read vegetables and other plants from the garden, cook and share the experience with wine.

Walking tour of Santorini. Start walking from the beautiful Orthodox church in Fira, then you walk over the cliffs to the Father. After some time, a team of walking will decrease, but the most persistent pedestrians will be rewarded with great views of the turquoise sea.

Cave exploration, Zakynthos. Rent a boat at Alykanas beach and make sure that it has enough gasoline to tour the beautiful Blue cave. After exploring the cave, refer to the most photographed beach on Zakynthos – Navagio – where you can found stranded ship.

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