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Historical misconceptions which we believe to be true

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We represent some of the historical misconception that we have heard a hundred times, that for centuries have been passed down as true have eventually been proven false

Van Gogh sliced off his ear

Van Gogh cut off an ear in a fit of rage according to the latest research it is not true, but the Van Gogh had a heated debate with his friend the painter Gauguin Paul, and Gauguin actually lopped it off with a sword during a heated argument. Gauguin spread the story of Van Gogh slashing his own ear with a razor in a fit of lunacy.

Columbo Wanted to prove that the Earth is round

As is known, in the 15th century, almost everybody has believed that the Earth is flat. All but Columbus, who wanted to prove that Earth was round . However, what Columbus on his journey actually wanted to reveal is the shortest route to India.

Napoleon was short

While the idea that Napoleon was shorter than average is clearly a myth, the use of the term “Napoleon complex” endures. The confusion stems from the French and British measurement systems used at the time of Napoleon’s reign, which used the same terms even though the actual measurements varied but the French rate is longer by a few centimeters. In the end it turned out that Napoleon was tall, about 1.70 cm.

Lincoln Started the Civil War for the abolition of slavery

Today we learn that Lincoln started the war because people of all races were equal, but that information is not completely accurate. Lincoln started the war because of the fact that the southern countries want to separate, and he wanted the United States to be united. He wrote that he would do anything to preserve the United States, even if it meant the abolition of slavery. However, during the war he signed a proclamation about equality, and the war now seemed to have the greatest moral cause

Albert Einstein Was a bad student

If you are trying to convince parents at home how many genuisess used to get bad grades, Einstein too, know that you are mistaken. It is true that he was socially awkvard, withdrawn from everyone and that he failed one entry exam to a polytechnic school in Zurich, because of zoology, botany and languages. In fact, he actually excelled at mathematics throughout his schooling.

Scientist Sir Isaac Newton was under a tree, when an apple fell on his head

Just as well it provided him the inspiration for the laws of gravity. The beautiful legend, but it is only a legend. The story was first published in an essay by Voltaire, long after Newton’s death.  It was almost certainly an invention.

The Great Wall of China Is Visible from the Moon

You can see a lot of things while standing on the moon, but the Great Wall of China isn’t one of them. The Great Wall is only a maximum of 30 feet wide and is about the same color as its surroundings, so it’s barely visible to the naked eye while orbiting much less from the moon

Nero set a Rome on fire…

Emperor Nero started a fire near the imperial palace and then climbed to the top of the Tower where he played his fiddle, sang, and watched Rome flame out. But according to Tacitus, a historian of the time, Nero was 30 miles away, at his villa, when the fire broke out. The fire was set by Nero’s political enemies, who were right in thinking that it would be blamed on him.

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