Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Bosnia and Herzegovina

EuropeBosnia and HerzegovinaThings To See in Bosnia and Herzegovina

If Bosnia and Herzegovina conjures up thoughts of concrete Communist architecture or war-ravaged town centers from the 1990s, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Of doubt, this nation retains the scars of its turbulent past, but tourists today will discover reconstructed and well-restored ancient towns, a warm and inviting environment, vibrant city life, and -on the whole- more medieval monuments than Socialist apartment complexes. In fact, several Communist-era relics, like as the Tito bunker in Konjic, have become tourist attractions in their own right.

The country’s major tourist attractions, on the other hand, are its attractive medieval town centers, historical cultural sites, and spectacular natural beauty. Sarajevo, famous for its vast Socialist housing projects, is also a colorful historic blend of East and West, where faiths and cultures have coexisted for generations. It’s a lively town that has been revived as the country’s contemporary capital, proud of its history, and a popular destination for all types of travelers. The bustling Baščaršija or Old Bazaar, the Sarajevo cathedral, the Gazi Husrev-Mosque, beg’s and, of course, the legacy sports facilities of the 1984 Olympics are all must-sees. The Tunel spasa, or Tunnel of Hope, which carried supplies to Sarajevo during the war and is now a museum, is well worth a visit. Another metropolitan jewel is Mostar’s picturesque old town, which has the renowned and Unesco World Heritage-listed Stari Most bridge as a major landmark. It has been meticulously restored and is generally regarded as one of the best examples of Islamic architecture in the Balkans. Viegrad has its own Unesco-listed bridge, the magnificent Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge. Try Banja Luka’s lush gardens and avenues for additional metropolitan splendor.

Great natural sights may be found all throughout the place, even near to the major metropolis. Take a horse carriage to Vrelo Bosne (the Bosna River’s spring) and join Sarajevo families for peaceful retreats and picnics. Kravice waterfalls, approximately 40 kilometers from Mostar, are another spectacular natural attraction. The Trebiat River descends 30 meters in a magnificent natural environment with tuff cliffs, making it a favorite location for city residents and rafts. Other impressive waterfalls may be found in the verdant Una National Park in the country’s far west. Then there’s the renowned Jajce waterfall, where the Pliva river’s pure waters plummet 17 meters right in the heart of town. Nature enthusiasts could also visit Hutovo Blato Natural Park for bird viewing or Sutjeska National Park, which has a waterfall and one of Europe’s only two surviving primeval woods.

The ancient fortress of Počitelj, Blagaj (where you’ll also discover the spring of the river Buna), and, for environmentalists, The Zelenkovac ecovillage near Mrkonjić Grad are top choices for village life. The greatest collection of Stećak, an unique kind of pre-Ottoman gravestone found across the old Bosnian Kingdom, is located just west of Radimlja.