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Jahorina Olympic Ski Resort is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s largest and most popular ski resort, offering a range of outdoor sports and activities. With nearly 40 km (25 mi) of ski slopes and contemporary amenities, it is mainly a destination for alpine skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and sledding. During February, the average snow depth on ski slopes is 106 cm (42 in) (ten-year average).

In 2012 and 2013, the Jahorina ski lift system was renovated with new Leitner chairlifts. Jahorina features one of the most advanced lift systems in the area, which includes a gondola lift (which is now under development). An 8-passenger gondola will link Pale and the ski resort, opening about 15 kilometers (9 miles) of additional ski routes.

Jahorina, which can be reached easily and quickly from Sarajevo from two directions: the highway with a length of 28 km via Pale and 32 km via Trebevi, offers skiers more than 20 km of excellently designed alpine skiing runs connected by ropeways and ski lifts with a total capacity of 10. 500 skiers per hour, including an always functioning baby ski lift for the youngest.

Places like Jahorina, where nature has been so gracious to bestow everything that makes it appealing and acceptable for all top-tier athletes, amateurs, hunters, anglers, climbers, farmers, and all those who want to enjoy and rest in natural beauty, are uncommon. The fresh mountain air soothes not only the body but also the psyche. Jahorina is unlike any other mountain. One is never alone here since everything is in one and right in front of one’s eyes. Its tranquility, far-reaching and breathtaking vistas of snow-covered mountains, springs and brooks, and diverse flora and fauna make it the most beautiful of Republika Srpska’s jewels.

Jahorina is part of the Dinaric mountain range. The huge dominating the surroundings and without distinct morphological, ecological, and hydrological bounds, as well as a clear border to nearby mountains, is 25-30 km long and 5-15 km wide. Ogorjelica is the highest peak at 1916 meters. The fact that it is influenced by two kinds of climate (Mediterranean and continental), as well as its relief, geological composition, flora, and river basins as key climate modifying components, distinguishes it. From November through April, the mountain is covered with snow for around 180 days every year. The average height is over 100 cm, and the coldest month is January, with an average daily temperature of -9.9 0 C. Fog is uncommon and only occurs in the spring and autumn. There is no significant north wind, and the summits of Jahorina are being blown by southern breezes.

Jahorina is abundant in springs due to its water-proof geological composition, particularly in its higher regions, which are normally on the same level as the sea. Hundreds of springs are spread out like spider webs towards the rivers Miljacka, Praa, and Eljeznica. The cold, clear, and clean water of Jahorina’s brooks and rivers is abundant in fish, and even the most ardent anglers may get their fill here. River trout, chub, gudgeon, grayling, and huchen are the most common fish, and there are even river crabs.

Forests comprise a substantial portion of Jahorina. The verdant splendour of coniferous woods is calming, and the fragrance of coniferous resin is refreshing. From the first clearings to the peak, zones of oak, beech, fir, and mixed fir and spruce woods follow one another. Mountain maple trees may be found on the ridges above them. The forest gets less thick towards the summit, with fallen mountain pine trees, and the highest peaks are coated with moss.

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