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Hurghada is an Egyptian city in the Red Sea Governorate. On the Red Sea coast, it is a major tourist destination and Egypt’s third biggest city (after Suez and Ismailia).

The city was formed in the early twentieth century, and it was a little fishing community until a few years ago. However, since the 1980s, it has been steadily expanded by Egyptian and international investors to become the Red Sea’s major beach resort. Sailors, yachtsmen, scuba divers, and snorkelers may enjoy water sports in holiday communities and hotels. Hurghada is noted for its pleasant weather, watersports, and nightlife. The average daily temperature is about 30 °C (86 °F) during the most of the year. Many Europeans, mostly Germans, Russians, and Italians, spend their Christmas and New Year vacations in the city.

Hurghada runs along the coast for roughly 36 kilometers (22 miles) and does not extend far into the neighboring desert. Egyptian visitors from Cairo, the Delta, and Upper Egypt visit the resort, as do package vacation travelers from Europe, particularly Italians and Germans.

Hurghada used to be a modest, unassuming fishing community on the Red Sea’s edge, with a variety of beautiful beaches. Hurghada is now nearly unrecognizable from its former self, having developed to become Egypt’s most popular tourist destination, with more than 100 different hotels, many of which border the coastline.

Hurghada is known for its excellent diving prospects, and it is particularly tempting to first-time scuba divers who come to marvel at the underwater reefs and amazing marine life. Hurghada is now a major tourist destination, and many visitors combine their stay here with trips to other notable Nile Valley destinations, such as Luxor, which is just a short distance away.

Hurghada’s climate is subtropical-desert, with mild-warm winters and hot to very hot summers. The months of December–January–February have mild temperatures, whereas November, March, and April have pleasant temperatures. The months of May and October are hot, while the months of June through September are quite hot. The average annual sea temperature is 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit), with temperatures ranging from 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) in February and March to 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit) in August.

The highest temperature ever recorded was 46 degrees Celsius (115 degrees Fahrenheit) on June 12, 2013, while the lowest temperature ever recorded was 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) on February 2, 1993.

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Hurghada | Introduction

Hurghada – Info Card

POPULATION :  261,714
FOUNDED :   1905
LANGUAGE :  Arabic (official), English and French widely understood by educated classes
RELIGION :  Muslim (mostly Sunni) 90%, Coptic 9%, other Christian 1%
ELEVATION :  14 m (46 ft)
COORDINATES :  27°15′28″N 33°48′42″E
SEX RATIO :  Male: 50.22
 Female: 49.78
ETHNIC :  Egyptian 99.6%, other 0.4%
DIALING CODE :  (+20) 65

How To Travel To Hurghada

By Plain

Hurghada is accessible through major airports in Europe and the Middle East. Prices vary depending on when you book and the airline. Most major European and Middle Eastern airlines may fly you directly to Hurghada International Airport without stopping in Cairo.

If you are in Cairo, you may also travel to Hurghada on Egypt Air Express, the country’s official airline and a subsidiary of Egypt Air, which is currently serving internal destinations throughout Egypt. Prices range from 400 to 900 Egyptian pounds depending on the season and how far in advance you order your tickets.

Egypt Air offers flights from Sharm el-Sheikh for about 450-550 LE (the trip takes about 1 hour).

By boat

Due to a lack of visitors, ferry services between Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh in the Sinai Peninsula were halted in 2012.

By bus

Hurghada is accessible by bus from Cairo. Depending on the operator, the journey normally takes around 7 hours. The Super Jet (ph. 16108) and Go Bus are two well-known operators (ph. 19567). There are many stations, one of which is located below Cairo Railway Station Ahmed Helmy. There are several pricing choices ranging from 50LE to 150LE, and there are buses to Hurghada available every hour (avoid MCV Co). Medan El Giza station in northwestern Cairo is often overcrowded, as is Almaza Station in the Heliopolis region in northeastern Cairo. Bus timetables vary often, but if you go to the bus terminal without making a reservation, you’ll find plenty of possibilities.

Alexandria. There are two buses that run from Alexandria to Hurghada. The first, called “Upper Egypt,” departs at 18:30 from the new bus station and costs 90LE. Arriving in Hurghada at 4:30AM is not recommended because the entire city is asleep and appears to be a ghost town. The second, called “Arab Union,” departs at 20:30 from the new bus station and costs 95LE. February of this year

Luxor is around 4-5 hours by bus, and your tour operator must depart and return at certain times in order to travel in a police-escorted convoy (there are approximately 150 other tour buses). The “Upper Egypt Bus” service connects Hurghada, Safagah, Luxor, and Aswan.

Aswan. Upper Egypt has just one transport company to the Red Sea. The buses are modern, the ticket is 50LE (maybe you pay an additional 5LE as a foreigner), there are two bus movements, the first at 15:30 and the second at 17:30, remember the journey takes 8 hours or more, and you’ll arrive in Hurghada after midnight.

How To Get Around In Hurghada

By Public Transport

Hurghada has no regular public transportation. Routes for white minivans (Toyota Hiace) known as micro buses have been developed. Locals are the primary users, yet they are simple to utilize. It costs roughly 1-2 Egyptian pounds, and they stop and go anywhere you like, with the exception of 1-2 neighborhoods. Before you get in the car, ask the driver where you’re going.

It is not advisable for young ladies.

By taxi

Hurghada taxi drivers have an amazing ability at recognizing visitors from a long distance away; gaze at the coming vehicle and it will stop for you – for a fee.

Before getting in, ask the driver whether he knows English and show him the desired location on a map. Because there are just a few streets with names, the destination is defined by neighboring places, such as a hotel. Discuss and agree on the total fee (not per passenger) with the driver: keep in mind that the price should be 5-10 Egyptian pounds within the same section of town and 20 Egyptian pounds while traveling downtown to Senzo mall, for example. Do not travel with the meter turned on; the driver has control over it. Jump in once the driver has agreed on a fee. Place yourself in front of the hotel.

Avoiding conflict with drivers is as simple as having the exact amount of money agreed upon at the outset, passing the money on at the destination, getting out and walking away; avoid fighting with drivers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you pay with a 5LE or 50LE note, drivers may and will attempt to swap it for a 50 Piastres note, after which they will want the original note that you have already paid with. Notes in piastres are smaller than notes in pounds. Sometimes the driver agrees to a 15LE charge and then, when you arrive, informs you he meant 50LE and his accent worsens.

Districts & Neighbourhoods In Hurghada

Hurghada now has a population of 248,000 people and is split into three sections:

  • Downtown (El Dahar) is the old part;
  • Sekalla is the city center;
  • El Memsha (Village road) is the modern part.

Sakalla is the more basic hotel district. Dahar is home to the town’s major market, post office, and long-distance bus terminal.

Prices In Hurghada

Tourist (Backpacker) – 34 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:meals in cheap restaurant, public transport, cheap hotel.

Tourist (regular) – 85 $ per day. Estimated cost per 1 day including:mid-range meals and drinks,transportation, hotel.


Milk 1 liter $0.95
Tomatoes 1 kg $0.43
Cheese 0.5 kg $4.70
Apples 1 kg $1.72
Oranges 1 kg $0.45
Beer (domestic) 0.5 l $1.05
Bottle of Wine 1 bottle $6.80
Coca-Cola 2 liters $1.75
Bread 1 piece $0.90
Water 1.5 l $0.39


Dinner (Low-range) for 2 $15.00
Dinner (Mid-range) for 2 $22.00
Dinner (High-range) for 2 $31.00
Mac Meal or similar 1 meal $5.20
Water 0.33 l $0.30
Cappuccino 1 cup $1.45
Beer (Imported) 0.33 l $1.75
Beer (domestic) 0.5 l $1.05
Coca-Cola 0.33 l $0.40
Coctail drink 1 drink $


Cinema 2 tickets $9.00
Gym 1 month $35.00
Men’s Haircut 1 haircut $4.60
Theatar 2 tickets $30.00
Mobile (prepaid) 1 min. $0.02
Pack of Marlboro 1 pack $2.85


Antibiotics 1 pack $
Tampons 32 pieces $
Deodorant 50 ml. $2.80
Shampoo 400 ml. $3.20
Toilet paper 4 rolls $
Toothpaste 1 tube $3.05


Jeans (Levis 501 or similar) 1 $42.00
Dress summer (Zara, H&M) 1 $46.00
Sport shoes (Nike, Adidas) 1 $62.00
Leather shoes 1 $


Gasoline 1 liter $0.38
Taxi Start $0.60
Taxi 1 km $0.28
Local Transport 1 ticket $0.23

Beaches in Hurghada

Elysees Dream Beach

Elysees Dream Beach is a private beach that is accessible from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is situated at the boulevard’s entrance, only a few meters from from Old Vic Beach. The beach has beautiful sand, mild slopes, and moderate waves. While lounging on the stylish, upmarket beach, visitors may also connect to the internet through WiFi. There is a restaurant and bar on the beach, and the fee per day/per person for non-resort visitors is 30 LE.

Old Vic Beach

Old Vic is one of the town’s most well-known and popular beaches. The huge sandy beach is located on a south-facing bay and is completely shielded from the sea’s waves and winds, making it a popular family destination. To round off the impression of a sophisticated seaside vacation, the beach resort features a nice water sports center, a bar/restaurant, and magnificent sun loungers with umbrellas.

Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort

This seaside resort, which is part of the Marriott family, is glamorous, expensive, and exclusive. The Hurghada Marriott, located in the middle of the city, has a private bamboo island and a well-equipped diving facility staffed by experienced divers.

Coral Beach Rotana Resort

Another popular private beach resort is the Coral Beach Rotana Resort, which has all contemporary facilities and a big windy beach with a comprehensive diving, snorkeling, and other water sports center.

Aladdin Beach Resort

The exclusive Jasmine beach of the Aladdin Beach Resort features a wonderful amphitheater, beach disco, open air animation studio, coffee shop, and much more. The resort’s sports activities vary from diving and snorkeling to beach volleyball, football, and golf. Sunbathing on the soothing sun loungers is available to visitors.

Stiegenberger Al Dau Beach

Western visitors go to this beach in large numbers. The Stiegenberger Al Dau Beach Resort is a lovely floodlit resort located on a lovely beach in the Red Sea Bay. The gleaming facility has water sports activities and golden beaches, as well as a beach café and a charming sea-side garden for enjoying tea on breezy mornings.

Hughada has only private beaches that are available only to their guests (unless they provide a pay per day visitor option), thus choosing the proper resort after careful thought is essential.

Sights & Landmarks In Hurghada

For those who appreciate the water and the beach, Hurghada offers a range of activities. Scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, para sailing, and jetskiing are among the activities available. You may also take a glass boat (a boat with a glass bottom) to observe the incredible coral reefs and underwater beauty.

The Red Sea, which is ideal for diving or snorkeling, is the primary reason to visit Hurghada. Just 10 meters from the shore, you can see spectacular coral reefs and hundreds of different types of tropical fish. Again, your hotel will either have dive escorts on site or can organise a scuba diving tour with guides. Scuba diving (2 dives) costs between $50 and $65 USD. The divers are all locals who are great with novices. To scuba dive, you do not need to know how to swim.

In late March, the water may be a little chilly, necessitating the use of a wet suit. In late March, it may also be windy (or not). Check to see whether your beach resort hotel has beach windscreens.

You may even ride motorcycles or beach buggies into the desert for a desert experience.

Trips to Luxor and Cairo are organized on a daily basis. The Nile in Luxor is well-known, as are the Great Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza! Cairo. A day trip to Cairo and return, including sights and bus transportation, costs about £120. To Luxor, expect to pay roughly £80, including the clash travel; unfortunately, this trip takes 4 hours each way.

Museums & Galleries In Hurghada

Hurghada is not recognized for its art galleries or museums, since people come here mostly for the sea and underwater sports, rather than for cultural tourism. There is, however, a small but intriguing Marine Biology Museum, the National Museum, and an odd café/art gallery.

Marine Biology Musuem

The Marine Biology Museum, situated in the town’s northern district, is a good site for non-divers who don’t want to lose out on the region’s underwater activity and rich marine ecosystem. This is a walk-through underwater route where tourists may see coral reefs, tropical fish, sea turtles, sharks, and other Red Sea aquatic creatures. The museum is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. everyday.

Hurghada National Museum

The Hurghada National Museum, situated on the Red Sea Coast, displays a number of unique and valuable antiquities from the Eastern desert area. It is located on the sea’s edge and has several sunken monuments. The massive 22-thousand-square-foot edifice comprises four massive exhibition halls, performance venues, and creative studios. This is a one-stop shop for Egyptian history encompassing numerous periods, from the Pharonic period to the most recent Islamic period.

Café del Mar

This is a freshly established and pretty modern art gallery/café in El Dahar. Visitors may relax with a cup of coffee or a glass of great local wine while seeing a collection of artworks by local artists. The gallery is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hurghada, although not particularly well-known for its museums, does include a few worthwhile ones, including the Marine Museum, the National Museum, and a contemporary art gallery displaying the works of area artists.

Things To Do In Hurghada

Hurghada has several activities that are not available anyplace else on the planet. Quad-biking hundreds of miles into the Sahara desert for tea with a Bedoin tribe, followed by camel-riding across Biblical plains to see remote and ancient wonders; diving and snorkeling around a vibrant and colorful coral reef; boat trips to the uninhabited Big and Little Gifton islands; swimming in the warm sea; good shopping; excellent and varied cuisine from around the world, and so on. If you stayed in your hotel complex for the entirety of your vacation, you would be missing out on a lot more than you bargained for.

Those visiting Egypt for the first time may notice that karkaday (a drink produced from an infusion of hibiscus, either hot or cold and said to have numerous health advantages) and chi (a local variant of tea, generally served in a glass) are widely available. Both are tasty and generally come with a smoke on a “sheesha” pipe, often known as a hookah in the West. Sheeshas are used to smoke different flavors of molasses tobacco, with the smoke traveling through water before being inhaled via a long tube linked to the bowl. Despite the fact that they resemble a device used to consume illegal narcotics in the West (a bong), sheesha is fully legal.

Travel across the Red Sea to the deserted island of Giftun, which is encircled by enchanted coral gardens. Spend the day relaxing on the white beach or swimming amid the coral reefs. This fantastic day excursion is not to be missed if you are in Hurghada.

In the evening, take a stroll down the seafront for some classic cafés, shopping, or eating. A bowling alley and a family entertainment center are nearby, as are a few stores and eateries. The nightlife generally starts late, and there are various clubs near to the promenade.

Food & Restaurants In Hurghada

Hurghada has a wide range of cuisines to choose from, including fast food, western restaurants, oriental cuisine, and many more.

KFC, McDonald’s, and the local fast food chain GAD are all available.

Where Sherry Street splits off Sheraton Street, you can have a chicken supper for 14LE at “Brost eldik,” a favorite hangout for travelers and young people.

The bar/restaurant Triple X is located just across from the Princess Palace Hotel, near the Hard Rock Cafe. Though the name may seem unusual, the ambiance of this establishment is really welcoming. It is a family-run business, and there are often more employees than customers. However, the great (and affordable) cuisine, cool drinks (served in clean, cold glasses), and friendly, multilingual staff make this a popular hangout for many regulars. A 50cl bottle of Stella costs 10LE, while a chicken sandwich with fries costs 25LE. They also provide free WiFi to their clients; just ask for the password (it changes 2 or 3 times every day).

Shopping In Hurghada

Many souvenirs may be purchased from the stores located inside the main town (Sekalla high street) and along the seaside areas. The ancient down town (el Dahar) also has a broad range of bazaars at lower costs than Sekalla.

First and foremost, remember to haggle everywhere except restaurants and drugstores. You should be able to negotiate a discount of up to 75% off the seller’s initial asking price. This may change depending on the goods, so be sure to check a few stores for the most up-to-date rates. There are souvenir shops with fixed prices, mostly in the New Hurghada area. Don’t be satisfied with the fixed price because it’s sometimes more expensive than the other shops. There are famous stores “Cleopatra” where you can find souvenirs, shirts, wood work, silver, and so on. You can find it in the most famous areas in Hurghada city, Mamsha and Sheraton road.

Head down to ‘New Marina’ and Sheraton Road where you can find Adidas, Timberland, Dockers, and Levi’s as well as a traditional bazaar (Souq in Arabic) where the clothes are often fake “not original” and something strange you can notice that any shop can post famous trademark on his banner and sell fake clothes.

Regarding perfume shops, the milligram for 1LE means the best perfume for 25LE because all the perfume are on oil base and it is rare that you can find natural or original perfume be careful when they drag you inside, they will invite you to drink something often tea and if they feel you are rich they will brought Cola, while they are chatting with you and letting you smell some strong perfumes, kindly refuse because if you drink you have to buy from them.

Nightlife In Hurghada

Over the years, Hurghada has gained a brisk reputation for its global nightlife scene. In addition to the several clubs in the new Hurghada Marina, Papas Bar has two locations (one inside the marina, the other next-door to the Shedwan Hotel in downtown Dahr). The world-famous Hed Kandi Beach Bar, which is still the world’s first and only Kandi beach bar.

Hurghada has a plethora of pubs, nightclubs, and discos. Almost every hotel has its own disco, and then there’s the only beachside Ministry of Sound venue, along with the world’s first Hed Kandi Beach Bar. Other nightlife leaders in the city include Hard Rock Cafe, Little Budha, Calypso Disco, the new R&B Club, and the popular Voodoo parties (every Wednesday) within the Grand Hotel Resorts.

Ministry of Sound Beach Club is a global leader in dance music, with a diverse daily program spanning from disco grooves to R&B/hiphop and house/techno. There are other additional discos and late-night pubs strewn across the city; normally, ask your guest relations or tour guide to pick a spot that is most suited to you.

At the end of Sheraton St. is the well-known Czech tavern “PRAHA.”

Festivals & Events In Hurghada

Hurghada festivals are well-known and bring the town to life, with various religious and historical events remembering the region’s heritage. Hurghada’s festivals are well-known and well-attended every year. These include several feasts of local saints as well as historical figures.

Christmas in the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Islamic New Year Coptic Christmas takes place in the first week of January. Egyptians commemorate Christmas by attending Mass and fasting. The Islamic New Year, known as Al Hijra, also commemorates Mohammed’s journey from Mecca to Medina.

Festivals In Hurghada

Hurghada International Festival

This 12-day festivity takes place throughout the first week of February. During the event, three sports disciplines are competed in. The triathlon competition is the first of its kind. The triathlon is followed by the 46-mile Mare Monti marathon. Running in the race takes racers off the road and into the mountains and sea. On the last day, there will be a big number of competitors in the Hurghada Half Marathon. There is also a Hurghada International Fishing Festival, which attracts contestants from across the world. During this event, everyone competes for the best catch.

Egypt Yoga Festival

This event, held every March, includes seminars as well as demonstrations. Many yoga gurus attend this event to teach yoga techniques. Visitors may learn about the advantages of yoga for both the mind and the body.

Shem al Nessim

This celebration commemorates the first day of spring in Hurghada and adjacent locations. This “sniffing of the wind” takes place on the Monday after Coptic Easter. Many people celebrate with outdoor picnics and activities.

Yacht Racing and Water Skiing Festival

This famous event takes place in Hurghada in October. Many boat owners and water skiers attend the fun and festivities. Local sailboat racing is entertaining to watch or participate in if you own one.

Other Hurghada Festivals

The date of Ramadan varies according to the calendar, but it includes a month of fasting. Muslims abstain from eating between the hours of dawn and dark. This improves their self-control and dedication to their Lord.

Revolution Day is a July holiday honoring the 1952 Revolution. The Egyptian monarchy was deposed at this time, and the Republic took its place.

Victory Day is observed in December and pays respect to the alliance formed with Arab countries (particularly Egypt) during the Yom Kippur War with Israel in 1973.



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