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A baby – when it is ready for sea?

MagazineTravel tipsA baby – when it is ready for sea?

Pediatricians believe that babies which are only three months old are ready to go to sea, and ideal months are June and September because the outside temperature is not so high, and less crowd is on the beach. As for the transport the baby can travel by bus, by train ,car or plane, or the most comfortable form of travel is a journey with plane. It is essential for baby giving it give milk , water or tea during takeoff and landing because it will reduce the feeling of pressure in the ears.

When you travel by bus or car it is important to make pause noting that mandatory car seat for the baby is very important. The most comfortable form of travel by train is the couchette.

In addition to clothes, diapers, strollers, toys, umbrellas, you need to prepare and travel pharmacy, which should contain the syrup to lower the temperature, saline and bulb syringe for nose, nasal drops, probiotic, syrup and cream allergy, antibiotic grease, water-resistant product for skin protection from the sun for children with sun protection factor 50 (not recommended for children younger than 6 months), wet wipes, a thermometer and a band-aid.

It is recommended that baby a few days before the trip and throughout the holiday should consume a probiotic, because in this way you can prevent the occurrence of diarrhea that occurs due to changes in the environment. Be sure to pay the travel health insurance, because that way your baby has secured the necessary examination and analysis. It is important that the baby’s skin is washed with water every time you come out of the sea and wipe with a towel, and if the baby has six or more months, every two hours she needs to apply a new layer of suncreame.

If the outside temperature is high baby coud have a little weaker apettie and it may be because of this and because of the changing environment, you should not be worried, but it is important that after a meal or between meals offer it a water. Going to the beach should be in the morning until 10 am and afternoon from 17 hours. The baby during the day must to wear a hat, and her skin shouldn`t be exposed to sunlight except when introduced into water.

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