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In The UK, Tourists Camp In Churches

MagazineTravel newsIn The UK, Tourists Camp In Churches

A new hit in the UK is that people are camping in churches. Many people are tired of staying in a hotel on a trip, so more and more of them are opting for this alternative accommodation.

The organization for the conservation of churches from Great Britain came up with the idea to offer old churches throughout their country as camping places. The money received will be used for restorations.

Seven churches have joined this program since 2014, but as the number of campers grows, it is possible to include five more churches.

Even celebrities want to camp in old places of worship.

“At first, everyone thought we were crazy,” said a representative of the organization. “However, we have devised a brilliant way to raise money and attract more visitors. We did not want the people of our church to experience it only as museum works. We wanted them to be living places. “

The Church of All Saints in Aldwinkle is one of the first churches to be included in this system. It is equipped with inflatable mattresses, blankets, pillows and thick carpets. There are also folding chairs, tables, tea set, as well as a portable bathroom.

Lois Bailey from the Organization for the Conservation of Churches, says that some visitors are initially reluctant to spend the night under the Gothic vaults, but for some, that environment is ideal for relaxation.

“Basically, most say they enjoyed a return to nature, peace and quiet,” she says.

During the first year, 650 people camped in churches in Great Britain, and the organizers hope that the number will increase significantly.

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