Thursday, March 4, 2021

Dubai is building a rainforest in a new luxury hotel

Magazine Travel news Dubai is building a rainforest in a new luxury hotel

The world capital of luxury, Dubai surprises us more and more with new technological and architectural wonders. This time they opted for a megaproject, a luxury hotel with its own rainforest.

The hotel will cover 185,800 square meters and will be the first rainforest built in a facility in the world, which will cover 7,000 square meters. It will be located in the Rosemont Hotel and Residence Dubai complex, which is owned by the Hilton brand.

The hotel building will be on 53 floors and will have 448 rooms and 280 suites. There will be a pool with a glass bottom on the 25th floor. An artificial beach has been announced that will provide maximum enjoyment. Robots will take care of the tourists’ luggage.

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D.J. Armin, is the chief architect of the project, and ZAS Architects Dubai and Kieferle & Partner are working on the project together. Armin said that this will be a family-friendly space that can be used throughout the year. There will also be a tropical setting with adventurous trails, sandy beaches, swimming pools, waterfalls, a creek, a cafe in the rainforest, and a prehistoric swamp inspired by the Jurassic Park.

The rainforest will have built-in special sensors for a 360-degree rain system that will simulate rain without anyone getting wet, and the sensors will turn on where there are people.

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