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6 Cities Where The Vacation Lasts Five Weeks

MagazineTravel news6 Cities Where The Vacation Lasts Five Weeks

These are the cities that have the most paid vacations on average, even more than 30. The length of vacation depends on the company that you work for as well as the actual job that you do, however in these six cities it is five weeks.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The inhabitants of this city consider themself workaholics, but the average paid vacation in the city is 31 days. Brazil has up to 11 national holidays each year, which are also paid. The inhabitants of this city love to travel and most often leave their homes during Christmas vacations when they travel to Miami, Orlando and New York.

Rome, Italy

Those who live in Rome, the Italian capital, are entitled to annual vacations of 32 days. Those who like to travel and take advantage of the vacation usually stay in the country and go to the Italian coast or the mountains. The city is also well connected with many other destinations, so even travelling to a foreign country is not a problem.

Lima, Peru

The inhabitants of Lima, the capital of Peru, do not have an average of 31 days of vacation per year. They use this time to enjoy their surroundings, which are full of mountains and beaches and only a few hours away by car. If they only have one day off, they usually go to Sienaguille, a province east of Lima, which is full of small hotels and restaurants. If they have more days available, they go to the tourist resorts of Paracas and Mankor, but they leave their country less frequently.

Moscow, Russia

And in Moscow you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation 31 days a year. Russians usually take vacations in summer and January (Orthodox Christmas and New Year).

Wealthy Russians go abroad any time they want, while others find their salvation in “Victory”, the first Russian low-cost airline. Thanks to Victory, they travel primarily to the Black Sea, but they also go to Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Montenegro.

Manama, Bahrain

In Manama, the capital of Bahrain, the vacation lasts longest. The inhabitants have the possibility to take 34 days of vacations, and when you add 20 paid national holidays, you get almost 2 months of vacation.

They take advantage of their annual vacation in summer when the temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius, and the inhabitants usually go abroad, especially to Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. On the other hand, Manama is also frequently visited during the vacations, and wealthy guests from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia usually go there.

Zagreb, Croatia

The Croatian ” work law” does not prescribe the maximum duration of the annual leave. Four weeks is the legal minimum, which can be increased depending on the company.

Croats prefer to spend part of their vacations on their own coast in summer and in winter in ski resorts in Slovenia, Austria, Italy and France.

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