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The Cheapest Hotel In The World

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The prices of Hotel Faridpur are extremely low, but the conditions are in line with the price.

This cheapest hotel is made of five boats on the shores of Buriganga in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The price per night ranges from an incredible 31 pence (about 35 cents).

The conditions at this hotel are not very enviable. There is access to water and toilets, but the rooms are filled with beds, which are arranged next to each other, and in which all guests are accommodated.

Despite many shortcomings, this hotel is very popular with tourists, who stay here for a long time. Each guest has a small closet in which they can safely keep their belongings.

“We have 40 guests at one time in our hotel and they stay for a maximum of three months,” said owner Muhamed Mustafa.

In addition to these communal bunkers that are rented at the lowest price, the hotel also has 48 rooms with a little more privacy.

Guests who want these private cabins have to pay for the most expensive rooms, and they have to pay around 1.3 euros per night for them.

Muhamed, who has run the hotel for 26 years, says accommodation prices are low for people coming from smaller towns and villages in search of work to afford accommodation.

“For the nominal price, they will get purified water, clean toilets and separate beds. We also provide them with lockers in which their belongings will be safe. But the food is not provided “, states the owner of the hotel.

Hotel Faridpur is just one of many similar cheap floating hotels offering cheap accommodation to retailers in the region.

Dhaka, is the capital of Bangladesh, and the city with the largest crowd among the population. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Unfortunately, it regularly appears in studies that analyze cities where life is the least bearable.

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