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Madeira: Island paradise

Magazine Popular destinations Madeira: Island paradise

If it happens that Madeira isn`t on your list of the cities that you need to visit in your life, you probably don’t know about this beautiful island and you haven’t seen pictures of perfection which is accommodated in the middle of the Atlantic.

The first thing you notice about the Madeira is greenery that stretches all around you, so this island , without exception, declares the garden of eden.

Avocado, mango, orchids bloom all over the rich soil of the old volcano. Although Madeira is closer to Morocco bitelongs to Portugal, with a fabulous 180 kilometers of coastline, sea, beautiful beaches and mountain roads, is worth every visit. Otherwise, don’t  forget to mention, the most famous man who is from this island is nothing more or less than Cristiano Ronaldo!

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In the northern part of the island, in the bay of Porto Moniz, you will find Ribeira da Janela, village vineyard and fantastic wall that mourn ocean. That part of Madeira offers heavenly beaches, so feel free to choose any spontaneous (not a mistake) and dive into the blue expanse.

Otherwise, the island praise with 180 kilometers of coastline, Madeira offers relatively little sandy beach. However, because of these you really don’t  need to worry, because there are other fabulous places to swim, and if you really want sand, go by ferry to the neighboring island Porto Santo.

The capital city of Madeira is Funchal, where you can admire the historic churches, architecture , gardens and perhaps encounter and the birth house of the aforementioned Ronaldo. The oldest town on the island is Machiko, which has amaze beaches, while in the Kakheti enjoy in the taste of white rum.

The last few years it has sprung up many hotels on the island, but you will also find restaurants with Micheline star. Those who wish to hike can choose one of the many trails.

And finally Madeira is famous for it`s markets. The most famous and largest is Mercado dos Lavradores in Funchal. Rarely fruits, vegetables, flowers and fish are just part of the offer, which perfectly rounds out the package ideal destination – Madeira.

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