Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Things To See in Hungary

EuropeHungaryThings To See in Hungary

Hungary is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • The Danube Banks, the Buda Castle Quarter, and Andrássy Avenue are all part of Budapest.
  • Hollók’s Old Village and its Surroundings
  • Beautiful caverns with dripstones and stalagmites at Aggtelek National Park.
  • Pannonhalma’s Millenary Benedictine Abbey and its Natural Environment
  • National Park of Hortobágy – Puszta
  • Pécs’ Early Christian Necropolis (Sopianae)
  • There is much to see in Fert Lake Cultural Landscape, which is a shared location with Austria.
  • Wine regions of Tokaj and Villány, as well as historic cultural landscapes

Lake Balaton is another popular tourist attraction, with wineries and thermal spas in Hévz, Hajdszoboszló, and Harkány nearby. Sopron is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area.

There are also some breathtaking sights to see.

  • Tiszavirágzás. In mid-June, the Tisza generates swarms of mayflies that resemble flowers. The population has recovered after being devastated by pollution. (They’re renowned for only surviving for 1–2 days.)
  • Busójárás. In February, residents of Mohács use loud clamping to ward off evil spirits.