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Szeged is Hungary’s third biggest city, the major city and regional center of the Southern Great Plain, and the county seat of Csongrád. The University of Szeged is one of Hungary’s most prestigious institutions.

One of the primary attractions is the renowned Szeged Open Air (Theatre) Festival, which is held every summer and commemorated as City Day on May 21.

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Szeged | Introduction

Szeged – Info Card

POPULATION :  171,952
TIME ZONE : • Time zone CET (UTC+1)
• Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
AREA :  280.84 km2 (108.43 sq mi)
ELEVATION :  75 m (246 ft)
COORDINATES :  46.255°N 20.145°E
SEX RATIO :  Male: 47.50%
 Female: 52.50%
DIALING CODE :  +36 62

Tourism in Szeged

Szeged, Hungary’s third-largest city, is a town in Southeast Hungary renowned as “the city of sunshine” for its wonderful weather, as well as for the majestic cathedral, a richness of Art Nouveau and historicist structures, and for the fish soup Halászlé.

Szeged is located on Hungary’s southern-eastern border, just south of the mouth of the Maros River, on both sides of the Tisza River. The M5 route takes you roughly 171 kilometers south of Budapest. It is the city with the lowest elevation in the nation and is renowned as the “City of Sunshine” since it has the most sunny days throughout the year. Szeged is the county seat of Csongrád and serves as the region’s business and cultural hub. According to 2011 figures, the city had a population of roughly 170.000 people.

Summer visitors to Szeged’s Open Air Theatre Festival come from all around Europe. Szeged is also well-known for its cuisine. Its delectable fish soup is famous across the globe, and it even has its own festival in September. The River Tisza, which provides various water activities and boat cruises, is one of Szeged’s primary attractions. Despite its hundreds of years of history, Szeged was rebuilt nearly completely following the flood of 1879, which devastated the majority of the city. Szeged is now one of the most attractive cities in Hungary, with its avenues, ring roads, and stunning palaces.

Climate of Szeged

Szeged’s climate is a mix of oceanic Köppen “Cfb” (Marine West Coast Climate/Oceanic climate) and continental (Köppen Dfb), with chilly winters, scorching summers, and very little precipitation.

Geography of Szeged

Szeged is located at Hungary’s southern border, just south of the mouth of the Maros River, on both sides of the Tisza River, and roughly in the heart of the Carpathian Basin. Szeged is commonly referred to as “the city of sunshine” due to the large number of hours of sunlight observed each year.

Economy of Szeged

Szeged is a food industry center in Hungary, well known for its paprika, Székelygulyás, Szegedi Halászlé, and Pick salami.

Internet, Comunication in Szeged

H-6700 to H-6791 is the postal code for Szeged. Phone number for the area: 62

There are several free WiFi (hotspot) places in Szeged. The Széchenyi tér, Biggest plaza, provides free wifi connectivity to anybody with a WiFi compatible device (laptop, mobile phone, PDA, etc.).



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