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Thasos or Thassos is a Greek island in the North Aegean Sea that is administratively part of the Kavala regional unit. It is the northernmost Greek island and the 12th biggest in terms of land area. Thasos is also the name of the island’s principal town (officially known as Limenas Thasou, “Port of Thasos”), which is located on the island’s northern side, opposite the mainland and approximately 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Keramoti. Thassos island has been recognized for its termae since antiquity, making it a climatic and balneoclimateric tourist location.

Thasos’ economy is based on lumber (the island is densely forested), marble quarries, olive oil, and honey. Tourism has grown in importance since the 1960s, albeit not to the extent that other Greek islands have.

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Thasos | Introduction

Tourism in Thasos

Thasos is a lush, hilly island with a plethora of gorgeous coves and sandy beaches. The scenery is comparable to that of Chalkidiki and Sithonia. It is a fantastic vacation spot for families and adults who wish to relax on beautiful, uncrowded beaches. There are many fascinating antiquities to see, as well as plenty of beach bars and clubs for amusement and nightlife. A fire in September 2016 burned portions of the trees, although this does not diminish the area’s charm as a top vacation destination.

Geography of Thasos

Thasos island is situated in the northern Aegean Sea, about 7 kilometers (4 miles) from the northern mainland and 20 kilometers (12 miles) south-east of Kavala. It is usually rounded in form, with no deep bays or notable peninsulas. The topography is hilly but not very rough, gradually ascending from the coast to the center. Ypsario (Ipsario), at 1,205 metres (3,953 ft), is the highest mountain, located somewhat east of the center. Much of the island’s eastern slopes are covered with pine forest.

Historically, the island’s people was mostly involved in agriculture and stockbreeding, and they created communities inland, some of which were linked to ports at the coast through stairways (known as skalas). As tourism became an important source of revenue, the local populace progressively flocked to these beachfront communities. As a result, there are various “paired settlements,” such as Marion–Skala Maries, where the former is inland while the latter is on the seaside.

Economy of Thasos

Tourism is by far the most significant economic activity. Honey, almonds, walnuts, olives (renowned Throuba olives), and olive oil are the primary agricultural products of the island, along with wine, sheep and goat husbandry, and fishing. Other businesses include timber and mining, which includes lead, zinc, and marble, particularly in the Panagia region, where a huge marble quarry is located on one of the mountains near the Thracian Sea. The marble quarries in the south (in the Aliki region), which are now closed, were exploited in ancient times.



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