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Funafuti is an atoll that serves as the capital of the island country of Tuvalu. It has a population of 6,194 people, making it the most populous atoll in Tuvalu, accounting for 57.2 percent of the total population.

It is a thin swath of land 20 to 400 metres (66 to 1,312 feet) broad that encircles a vast lagoon 18 km (11 miles) long and 14 km (9 miles) wide. It is Tuvalu’s biggest lagoon, covering 275 square kilometers (106.2 square miles).

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Funafuti | Introduction

Funafuti – Info Card

POPULATION :  City: 6,194
LANGUAGE :  Tuvaluan, English, Samoan, Kiribati (on the island of Nui)
RELIGION :  Church of Tuvalu (Congregationalist) 97%, Seventh-Day Adventist 1.4%, Baha’i 1%, other 0.6%
AREA :  2.4 km2 (0.9 sq mi)
COORDINATES :  08°30′54.72″S 179°11′57.843″E
SEX RATIO :  Male:
ETHNIC :  Polynesian 96%, Micronesian 4%

Tourism in Funafuti

The Funafuti Conservation Area, located on the western side of the Funafuti atoll, has some of the outstanding natural views, including reefs, the beautiful lagoon, channel, sections of the ocean, and island ecosystems. Its diverse marine life makes it an ideal location for scuba diving or snorkeling.

Traditional local culture is still very much alive in Tuvalu, making the people one of the country’s most valuable assets. Traditional dance is only done on rare occasions, and the best place to see it is in the local “maneapa” (town hall).

The enormous stationing of US forces during WWII left the island country with a variety of wartime remnants, including airstrips, bunkers, and aircraft wrecks around the main island of Fongafale and near the settlement of Nanumea. Motulalo, a little island near Nukufetau, also contains an airfield and various aircraft wreckage. The Philatelic Bureau on Funafuti is a must-see for anybody interested in postal stamps. The Tuvalu Women’s Handicraft Centre, located near the airport, is a nice spot to view and purchase native items. If you have time, take a boat to one of the outlying islands and see the locals’ abilities at producing jewelry, fans, mats, baskets, or woodcarvings.



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