Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Internet & Communications in Nauru

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On the island, there are a handful of post offices where you may send mail.


There are just two embassies in Nauru; most other nations’ embassies are in either Australia or New Zealand.


There are public telephones as well as a mobile phone network. If your home operator does not have a roaming contract with Nauru, you may need to purchase a SIM card from the local operator Digicel.


CenpacNet inc. is the only Internet service provider, as well as the owner of the national domain.nr. Furthermore, it runs Nauru’s sole Internet café:

  • Cenpac’s internet café, Civic Centre, Aiwo district (along the Ring Road). 

Aside from that, hotels provide laptops where you may go online, but you should check the prices beforehand!