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Dodoma, Tanzania’s national capital and the seat of the Dodoma Region, has a population of 410,956 people.

Dodoma was selected as Tanzania’s new political capital in 1973. By the early 1980s, new Parliament buildings had been built, and plans had been drawn up to relocate all government ministry offices to Dodoma. Due to a lack of water and other environmental variables, however, this proved unfeasible, and the proposal was mostly forgotten.

The majority of ministries and embassies remain in Dar es Salaam. Despite the fact that Dodoma is Tanzania’s capital, government officials only visit the city for a few weeks each June while the government is in session.

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Dodoma | Introduction

Dodoma – Info Card

POPULATION :  410,956
FOUNDED :   1907
LANGUAGE :  Kiswahili or Swahili (official), English (official)
RELIGION :  Christian 30%, Muslim 35%, indigenous beliefs 35%
AREA :  2,576 km2 (995 sq mi)
ELEVATION :  1,120 m (3,670 ft)
COORDINATES :  6°10′23″S 35°44′31″E
SEX RATIO :  Male: 48.50%
 Female: 51.50%
ETHNIC :  African 99%, Other (Asian, European, Arab) 1%
DIALING CODE :  +255 26

Climate of Dodoma

Dodoma has a semi-arid climate with mild winters and pleasant summers.

While average highs remain fairly stable throughout the year, average lows fall to 13 degrees Celsius (55.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in July.

Dodoma receives an average of 570 mm of rain per year, the most of which falls between November and April.

The city’s dry season lasts for the rest of the year.

How To Travel To Dodoma

Daily buses operate from Dar es Salaam. The driving duration is around seven to eight hours, including a break in Morogoro. Shabiby buses depart from Ubungo and are now the most luxurious buses available. At around 11 a.m., air-conditioned buses with more legroom depart from Dar and Dodoma.

There are additional buses connecting Arusha to the north through Kondoa. The road is poorly paved and might be difficult to navigate during the wet season. The road is referred to as the Great Northern Highway. The travel duration is often more than 12 hours, and breakdowns are frequent. The wisest course of action would be to sleep in Kondoa and go north or south the next day.

Additionally, there are buses to and from Iringa. It takes around six hours to go on a twisting dirt road of various condition. The route runs directly beside the Mtera Dam, which is well worth a visit.

Dodoma is on the Central Railway Line, which connects Dar Es Salaam with Mwanza or Kigoma. However, owing to damage at Tabora, the railway presently runs solely between Dar Es Salaam and Dodoma (March 2010). If you’re in a hurry, the bus is the superior option. If the rail service resumes and you are traveling west, the train is preferable, particularly during the wet season.

Air Zara operates daily flights between Dodoma and Dar es Salaam, except on Saturday, for 250.000 TSH on Monday and Thursday, and also to Mbeya. Tickets are available for purchase at the New Dodoma Hotel. Mission Aviation Fellowships’ (MAF) tiny aircraft operate across the nation; they operate a weekly shuttle between Dodoma and Arusha and also travel to Nairobi and Mbeya on a regular basis. Additionally, membership is available.

How To Get Around In Dodoma

There are several minibuses (dala dala) in Dodoma, making transportation convenient. Taxis are also numerous. There are three bus stations: one in the city, at Jamatini; one in the middle distance, at the Saba Saba bus stop; and one in the far distance, at the Saba Saba bus stand, to destinations such as Mpwapwa and Mvumi. Buses that go long distances depart from the main stand near the Parliament buildings. Certain corporations, such as Scandinavia, operate their own bus terminals.

Biking is another option for getting about. There are numerous businesses around town that sell or rent bicycles for 5,000 TSH per day.

Prices In Dodoma


Milk 1 liter $ 1.20
Tomatoes 1 kg $ 0.90
Cheese 0.5 kg $ 11.00
Apples 1 kg $
Oranges 1 kg $ 0.60
Beer (domestic) 0.5 l $ 1.20
Bottle of Wine 1 bottle $ 9.00
Coca-Cola 2 liters $
Bread 1 piece $
Water 1.5 l $ 0.90


Dinner (Low-range) for 2 $ 22.00
Dinner (Mid-range) for 2 $ 33.00
Dinner (High-range) for 2 $ 46.00
Mac Meal or similar 1 meal $
Water 0.33 l $ 0.30
Cappuccino 1 cup $
Beer (Imported) 0.33 l $ 1.50
Beer (domestic) 0.5 l $ 1.20
Coca-Cola 0.33 l $ 0.60
Coctail drink 1 drink $


Cinema 2 tickets $ 9.00
Gym 1 month $
Men’s Haircut 1 haircut $ 2.30
Theatar 2 tickets $ 28.00
Mobile (prepaid) 1 min. $ 0.15
Pack of Marlboro 1 pack $ 2.40


Antibiotics 1 pack $ 1.40
Tampons 32 pieces $ 1.20
Deodorant 50 ml. $ 1.75
Shampoo 400 ml. $
Toilet paper 4 rolls $
Toothpaste 1 tube $ 1.00


Jeans (Levis 501 or similar) 1 $ 60.00
Dress summer (Zara, H&M) 1 $ 23.00
Sport shoes (Nike, Adidas) 1 $ 44.00
Leather shoes 1 $ 38.00


Gasoline 1 liter $ 1.35
Taxi Start $
Taxi 1 km $
Local Transport 1 ticket $ 0.25

Sights & Landmarks In Dodoma

  • Bunge (on the road to Dar Es Salaam). The new earthquake-resistant Parliament buildings are necessary, even though access to them may be limited. Photographs of the structure are permitted only with permission from Dar Es Salaam, thus consider photography prohibited.
  • Ismaili Mosque (next to the central roundabout).
  • Lion Rock. Hike to Lion Rock (alternatively dubbed Simba Hill) on the city’s north end for a beautiful perspective of the surrounding area. However, do so in a company of at least four persons, since muggings have been reported.
  • Excursions. Dodoma Travel Cafe can arrange treks and excursions upon request.
  • Swimming Pool. There are two swimming pools in Dodoma: the New Dodoma Hotel (4.000 TSH for non-guests) and the Climax Club, located near the jail, where you can purchase food, watch television, and spend the day.
  • Gym. The New Dodoma hotel also offers a gym, which is open from 7-9 a.m. and 17-19 a.m., closed on Sundays, and costs 4.000 TSH for non-guests.

Food & Restaurants In Dodoma

The New Dodoma Hotel serves delectable European, Tanzanian, and Asian cuisine. Additionally, there is an amazing Chinese restaurant (the owners are Chinese). Meals at the snack bar start at roughly 3000/= and run up to 12,000/=. Drinks are prohibitively costly, with a Kilimanjaro domestic beer costing 2,000/=.

VETA serves decent food when it is brought to you, however selection is restricted unless you are present during Parliament sessions. Prices are competitive.

Additionally, Nam Hotel serves amazing meals at moderate pricing. It is located on the other side of the airfield.

Aladin’s Cave Market Street is located near Victory Bookshop and has excellent milkshakes, homemade ice cream, yoghurt, pizza, and burgers. Hours of operation: 9.30-13.00 and 15.00-18.00.

Roses’s Cafe, next to Cana Lodge, serves authentic Indian cuisine at an affordable price (entrées start at 2,000 TSH, thalis start at 5,000 TSH), and is popular with expats from Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 18 a.m. to 22 a.m.

Leone l’Africano Area C is located north of the airport and has excellent authentic Italian pizza and spaghetti in an evocative environment with a playground for children. Miniature golf. Mondays are closed. Every two weeks on Wednesday, there is a movie night.

There are two excellent establishments where you may get classic grilled pork (kiti moto). One is located just down the road from VETA at the highway interchange. A kilo of pork served with kachumbari salad costs around 2500/=. The other is on the other side of Jacana Park’s airfield. Comparable prices. If you’re an animal lover, keep your ears open when they butcher the pig.

There are other more atmospheric restaurants on the Uhindini Road, just across from Victory Bookshop, that provide fresh and good food at moderate pricing.

Shopping In Dodoma

  • Shabibi Supermarket (coming from the centre, the second roundabout on the road to Dar). On the second level of the Shabibi gas station, there is a small grocery.
  • Yashna’s Supermarket (At the Gapco gas station near the central roundabout). The largest store in the Centre (in relative terms), stocking pasta, canned vegetables, candies, cookies, frozen cheese, ground coffee, and a few cosmetics.
  • Two Sisters, Hatibu Avenue (near the central roundabout in the pink zain building). Cheese, dark bread rolls (sometimes), amazing handmade yogurt, frozen items, canned goods, pasta, wine, chocolates, sweets, crisps, and Indian snacks, as well as very pleasant proprietors.



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