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Yamoussoukro, the capital of Côte d’Ivoire, is maybe the strangest contemporary city on the planet. It consists of a vast grid of paved roadways and lights with practically little space in between. Former President Felix Houphouet-vision Boigny’s of his hometown being a bustling capital city seems to have never materialized. Despite this, “Yam” is well worth a visit.

The district has 355,573 residents according to the provisional census of 2014. The municipality comprises 3,500 square kilometers and is located 240 kilometers (150 miles) north-west of Abidjan, the administrative capital on the coast, over undulating hills and plains (1,400 sq mi).

Yamoussoukro has a tropical climate with both rainy and dry seasons.

Yamoussoukro is home to the world’s biggest Christian church, according to legend. On September 10, 1990, Pope John Paul II dedicated the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace.

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Yamoussoukro | Introduction

Yamoussoukro – Info Card

POPULATION :  City: 281,735  /  Metro: 355,573
LANGUAGE :  French (official), 60 native dialects
RELIGION :  Muslim 38.6%, Christian 32.8%, indigenous 11.9%, none 16.7%
AREA :  3,500 km2 (1,350 sq mi)
COORDINATES :  6°49′N 5°17′W
SEX RATIO :  Male: 50.97%
 Female: 49.03%
ETHNIC :  Akan 42.1%, Voltaiques or Gur 17.6%, Northern Mandes 16.5%, Krous 11%, Southern Mandes 10%, other 2.8%
DIALING CODE :  +225 30
WEBSITE :  official website

Sights & Landmarks in Yamoussoukro

The public gardens, the Fondation Felix Houphouet-Boigny, and the ancient Presidential Palace are all examples of Houphouet-significant Boigny’s public expenditures.

  • Basilica of Our Lady of Peace – The biggest Christian church in the world is Houphouet-most Boigny’s spectacular legacy. Although it does not have nearly as many seats as St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City (after which it was based), it is physically bigger, with a larger surface area and a taller dome. As a condition of his participation at the basilica’s consecration, Pope John Paul II insisted on the construction of a hospital nearby, which he lay the cornerstone for during his visit.
  • Fondation Felix Huphey Boigne – FHB constructed this massive meeting center devoted to African peace in the 1970s. For 1500 FCFA, you may take a really fascinating trip. At the reception, locate a security guard who may accompany you on the tour (follow the road to the left of the building around the main building until you find the “Entree” sign. The facility has a 2000-seat conference/theatre hall as well as other smaller meeting rooms ranging in size from 50 to 400 seats. The structure is composed of Italian marble and other natural stones.



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