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Prices In N’Djamena

ChadNdjamenaPrices In N'Djamena

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Milk1 liter$ 2.40
Tomatoes1 kg$ 1.75
Cheese0.5 kg$ 7.00
Apples1 kg$ 5.10
Oranges1 kg$ 8.50
Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ 3.00
Bottle of Wine1 bottle$ 17.00
Coca-Cola2 liters$ 3.20
Bread1 piece$ 1.55
Water1.5 l$ 0.90


Dinner (Low-range)for 2$ 20.00
Dinner (Mid-range)for 2$ 40.00
Dinner (High-range)for 2
Mac Meal or similar1 meal$ 10.00
Water0.33 l$ 0.75
Cappuccino1 cup$ 3.20
Beer (Imported)0.33 l$ 4.00 
Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ 1.15 
Coca-Cola0.33 l$ 1.00
Coctail drink1 drink


Cinema2 tickets
Gym1 month$ 80.00 
Men’s Haircut1 haircut$ 16.00
Theatar2 tickets
Mobile (prepaid)1 min.$ 0.10
Pack of Marlboro1 pack$ 2.60


Antibiotics1 pack
Tampons32 pieces
Deodorant50 ml.$ 4.20
Shampoo400 ml.$ 5.30
Toilet paper4 rolls$ 3.80
Toothpaste1 tube$ 2.30


Gasoline1 liter$ 0.90
Taxi1 km
Local Transport1 ticket$ 0.44

How To Travel To N’Djamena

The only non-African city with a flight is Paris (by Air France). Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Tripoli, Cotonou, Bangui, Lagos, Casablanca through Niamey, and Khartoum are among the African destinations. Historically, the most common method of entering the city was by boat up the Chari and Logone rivers, but this...

Stay Safe & Healthy In N’Djamena

Chad has been plagued by political unrest and Islamist activities in recent years, and despite the fact that the security situation has gradually improved since 2010, the UK and US governments advise against all but necessary travel to the country. Outside of N'Djamena, the capital, travel is very risky,...



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