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Chad’s capital and biggest city is N’Djamena. A port on the Chari River at the Logone River’s confluence, it confronts the Cameroonian town of Kousséri, with which it is linked by a bridge.

It’s a regional cattle, salt, dates, and grain market. The main industries include meat, fish, and cotton processing, and the city continues to function as Chad’s economic hub.

The climate of N’Djamena is semi-arid, with a brief rainy season and a long dry season.

The rainy season runs from June through September, with August seeing the most precipitation.

The following eight months are mainly covered by the dry season.

N’Djamena is one of the world’s hottest large cities, based on yearly temperatures. Only one month of the year (August) has average monthly high temperatures below 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit).

The city’s hottest months are between March and June, right before the arrival of the heavy rains. Nights in N’Djamena are typically comfortable outside of the hottest months of the year.

N’Djamena is located at 12°6′47″N 15°2′57″ECoordinates: 12°6′47″N 15°2′57″E, on the confluence of the Chari and Logone rivers.

While primarily an administrative center, the city includes the Nassara Strip commercial centre and residential areas, such as Mbololo, Chagoua, Paris Congo and Moursal. The main commercial avenue of the city is the Avenue Charles de Gaulle.

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Ndjamena | Introduction

N’Djamena – Info Card

POPULATION :  City: 1,092,066 /  Metro: 1,605,696
FOUNDED :   May 29, 1900
LANGUAGE :  French (official), Arabic (official), Sara (in south), more than 120 different languages and dialects
RELIGION :  Muslim 53.1%, Catholic 20.1%, Protestant 14.2%, animist 7.3%, other 0.5%, unknown 1.7%, atheist 3.1%
AREA :  100 km2 (40 sq mi)
ELEVATION :  298 m (978 ft)
COORDINATES :  12°6′47″N 15°2′57″E
SEX RATIO :  Male: 50.10%
 Female: 49.90%
ETHNIC :  Daza (16.97%), Chadian Arabs (11.08%), Hadjerai (9.15%), Ngambaye (6.41%), Bilala (5.83%), Kanembu (5.80%), Others (24.1%)
AREA CODE :  235

How To Travel To N’Djamena

The only non-African city with a flight is Paris (by Air France). Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Tripoli, Cotonou, Bangui, Lagos, Casablanca through Niamey, and Khartoum are among the African destinations. Historically, the most common method of entering the city was by boat up the Chari and Logone rivers, but this is no longer the case. There are no railway connections in the city.

Prices In N’Djamena


Milk 1 liter $ 2.40
Tomatoes 1 kg $ 1.75
Cheese 0.5 kg $ 7.00
Apples 1 kg $ 5.10
Oranges 1 kg $ 8.50
Beer (domestic) 0.5 l $ 3.00
Bottle of Wine 1 bottle $ 17.00
Coca-Cola 2 liters $ 3.20
Bread 1 piece $ 1.55
Water 1.5 l $ 0.90


Dinner (Low-range) for 2 $ 20.00
Dinner (Mid-range) for 2 $ 40.00
Dinner (High-range) for 2 $
Mac Meal or similar 1 meal $ 10.00
Water 0.33 l $ 0.75
Cappuccino 1 cup $ 3.20
Beer (Imported) 0.33 l $ 4.00
Beer (domestic) 0.5 l $ 1.15
Coca-Cola 0.33 l $ 1.00
Coctail drink 1 drink $


Cinema 2 tickets $
Gym 1 month $ 80.00
Men’s Haircut 1 haircut $ 16.00
Theatar 2 tickets $
Mobile (prepaid) 1 min. $ 0.10
Pack of Marlboro 1 pack $ 2.60


Antibiotics 1 pack $
Tampons 32 pieces $
Deodorant 50 ml. $ 4.20
Shampoo 400 ml. $ 5.30
Toilet paper 4 rolls $ 3.80
Toothpaste 1 tube $ 2.30


Gasoline 1 liter $ 0.90
Taxi Start $
Taxi 1 km $
Local Transport 1 ticket $ 0.44

Stay Safe & Healthy In N’Djamena

Chad has been plagued by political unrest and Islamist activities in recent years, and despite the fact that the security situation has gradually improved since 2010, the UK and US governments advise against all but necessary travel to the country. Outside of N’Djamena, the capital, travel is very risky, particularly in the north and east, where special travel and movement permissions are required. Overland travel between Chad and Sudan, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Niger, and Libya is perilous and discouraged. In many parts of the nation, there is also a high incidence of violent crime.



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