Thursday, December 3, 2020

The 50 Km Long Floating Walkway Is A New Chinese Attraction

Magazine Tourist attractions The 50 Km Long Floating Walkway Is A New Chinese Attraction

The Chinese from the northwestern province of Guijo set up a huge floating promenade on the Hongshui River, in order to attract as many tourists as possible, both domestic and foreign.

The space occupied by the floating promenade is as long as 50 kilometers and covers an area of ​​54,000 square meters. The entire space of the promenade is decorated with trees and thousands of colorful lamps so that visitors can be greeted by a light show during the evening. Everything seems unreal and is a real tourist attraction.

“We have been taking photos since we arrived. We also recorded a video for our friends – many want to come and see this place,” said Wang Panpan, one of the tourists who arrived from Beijing.

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This floating promenade is actually a floating platform equipped with entertainment facilities, and there are also entertainers who do everything to make the visit unforgettable for the guests.

This part of China also promotes winter tourism because the average air temperature is higher than in other parts of the province.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists have already walked the floating promenade as a new Chinese attraction.

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