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Travel for the real man

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Real adventure would be if all men once in a lifetime could try out each of these trips. Some of these seem to you so childish, other dangerous or absurd, but it certainly is one – try them on time!

  1. Night in unknown city– In which? Well, in any way. Drive to it, spend the night there and enjoy in the life!
  2. Fans journey– Get on the bus or train with fans and support your club in some remote hosting. Enjoy beer, cheer, yell.
  3. Aimlessly driving – Turn on the car and just drive anywhere. Get to know every bend, the hole and the small towns that you find along the way.
  4. The weekend in the European capital– Choose a metropolis: Paris, London, Berlin, Belgrade, Rome, Madrid … Buying a plane ticket and route there! Stay a few days and enjoy, the nighty crazy fun that it offers.
  5. US – from east to west– or the other way round. Who has not wished to transit from east to west coast of America. And when you step into Las Vegas!!!
  6. At one direction– Take indefinitely in some unknown parts without any plan and stay there as long as you can. You might like it.
  7. Put on the east– Visit the countries of the former Soviet Union. If you have time afford yourself to ride the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway.
  8. Travel to Cuba – Enjoy with cigars, rum, music, and more.
  9. Thailand– Sea, sun and indispensable Thai massage.
  10. Amusement parks– Disneyland parks, Gardaland, Valibi, Legoland, Prater.
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