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Stay Safe & Healthy in Bahrain

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Stay Safe in Bahrain

Bahrain had a near-civil war in 2011, with hundreds of fatalities, hundreds of injuries, and a significant number of activists and medical professionals imprisoned and tortured. Although the huge protests were ruthlessly suppressed, the environment remains volatile, and protests, rioting, and police killings may occur at any moment. Travelers should avoid the country’s northwest rural regions and communities. Large protests may happen at any moment, and although they can become violent at times, they are seldom anti-Western. Avoid locations where large groups of individuals seem to be congregating.

In Bahrain, the average incidence of social crime is low, while violent crime is uncommon. Robbery, theft, and theft do, nevertheless, occur. Minor crimes such as portfolio theft and theft of portfolios have been recorded, particularly in the old market districts known as souks. The nightclubs at most hotels are frequented by some nasty individuals. Despite the fact that hotels have sufficient security measures in place, including cameras, there have been instances of visitors taking their rooms.

If you’re on Exhibition Avenue (near Hoora), be cautious since ladies may have unpleasant encounters with (primarily) intoxicated Saudis. It’s a good idea to have a guy with you if you go there (especially at night).

Stay Healthy in Bahrain

Make sure you drink lots of water. It may become extremely hot (up to 50 degrees Celsius) and humid from April to August. Protect yourself from the sun by using an umbrella. Staying hydrated is critical, particularly if you are outdoors throughout the day. Bottled water is available for purchase at extremely cheap rates nearly everywhere in the city, from “Cold Stores” and small eateries. Small chilled bottles are sold by street sellers in the souk, but you may wind yourself spending more than the bottle is worth. If you want to stay in Bahrain for a long amount of time, you may arrange for a local Cold Shop to deliver bottled water to your flat, or sign up for water delivery via one of many businesses on the island. Many cold shops (as well as certain hotels) will bring their goods (or meals) to your hotel or flat for free.

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