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Food & Drinks in Bahrain

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Food in Bahrain

Bahrain’s culinary scene is excellent, with many places to select from. Adliya is the primary dining room. In Adliya, there are many cafés to select from, including Coco’s (excellent cuisine at a reasonable price) and Lilou’s (extremely popular among residents who want to see and be seen). Mirai is a fantastic Japanese fusion restaurant that is ideal for celebrating a special occasion. In the neighborhood, you’ll find trendy salons/restaurants like Zoe’s and Block 338.

Restaurants in Bahrain vary from inexpensive booths serving local cuisine to sophisticated restaurants in high-end hotels. Burger King and McDonalds are two of the most well-known fast food businesses in the United States. Western-style dinners and franchises (mainly American) offering cuisine at high-end pricing may be found in shopping malls and in the city center.

Due to the high number of restaurants located in the United States in that region, Juffair has a famous lane known as ‘American’s Alley.’

Signature dishes

  • Machboos (also known as Kabsa) is a dish consisting mostly of spices, rice (typically basmati), meat, and vegetables.
  • Muhammar – Muhammar is a sweet rice dish that is often served with fish.

Snacks and bread

  • Samosa – Samosa is a salty dough filled with potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, ground lamb, or chicken that is fried or baked.
  • Khubz (flatbread). Almost all supermarkets and cold shops carry it.


  • Halwa Showaiter, also known as Halwa Bahraini, is the most popular traditional dessert. Corn starch, saffron, and a variety of nuts are used to make this gelatin-like halwa.

Drinks in Bahrain

Bahrain has relatively permissive alcohol regulations, and it has long been a popular destination for tourists from Saudi Arabia and other neighboring “dry” nations. Expect to see Arabs in thobes and gutras sipping brewskis while watching the dancers show off their skills. the discotheques

Any indication of having drank alcohol may be regarded as prima facie proof of driving under the influence in Bahrain, which can result in imprisonment and/or penalties of up to BD 1,000.

In Bahrain, coffee, known locally as gahwa (), is considered part of the customary greeting. It is usually put into a coffee machine, known in Bahrain as a dalla (). Finjan () is a tiny coffee cup that is used to serve it.