Saturday, September 18, 2021

Internet & Communications in Tunisia

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Phone in Tunisia

All towns and most villages have public telephones under the name of Publitel or Taxiphone. International calls are usually quite expensive (DT 1,000/minute for calls within the EU).t There are three GSM mobile operators, the private Tunisiana [www], the private Orange [www] and the state-owned Tunisie Telecom [www], all of which offer wide mobile coverage (including some oases in the Sahara). Rates are usually quite low for national calls, but very high for international calls (around DT 1,500/minute). Orange offered 2 for 1 packages (30 minutes + 500 MB for one month for DT2.5) and free SIM cards for tourists arriving at Tunis airport in July 2016.

Emergency call

  • 197 Police emergency number – general emergency
  • 198 Emergency health number – SAMU Outpatient Clinic
  • 1200 Telephone information

Internet in Tunisia

Public internet is available in many towns and cities – look for the big purple sign with the Publinet logo. Usually charged at 0.8 DT/hour, speeds are usually low (1024 kbit/s is common in Sousse, 4096 in Tunisia). Internet at home (ADSL) is not as expensive as it used to be, and for 400 dinars/200 euros you can get ADSL at 4096kbit/s speed for a year. You can also get 3G internet access through any mobile operator (Tunisie Telecom, Orange Tunisia, Tunisiana), and FTP and peer-to-peer access are everywhere in Tunisia. And there are no more government access restrictions. USB sticks for internet are quite popular and can be found for different periods of time, even for short stays.

Post in Tunisia

[ La Poste Tunisienne]  is reasonably fast and efficient. Post restante is offered in certain (larger) offices. A stamp for international letters costs DT 0.600.

Rapide Post is the Post Office’s service for sending letters and parcels quickly. Once a Rapide Post package enters the US, it is processed by FedEx. It is the best and safest way to send things in Tunisia.