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Dakar, Senegal’s capital and biggest city, is often considered as the cultural and economic heart of French-speaking West Africa. The metropolitan area has a population of around 2.4 million people and is located at the tip of the Cap Verte peninsula, which is Africa’s westernmost point.

Because it has strong air links with Western Europe, Dakar is often the first destination for visitors visiting French-speaking West Africa, while Abidjan, the other major French-speaking West African city, does not.

The Senegal National Assembly and the Presidential Palace are both located in Dakar, which is a significant administrative hub.

Dakar – Info Card

POPULATION :  City: 1,056,009/  Metro: 2,452,656
FOUNDED :   15th century
LANGUAGE :  French (official), Wolof, Pulaar, Jola, Mandinka
RELIGION :  Muslim 94%, Christian 5% (mostly Roman Catholic), indigenous beliefs 1%
AREA :  83 km2 (32 sq mi)
ELEVATION :  22 m (72 ft)
COORDINATES :  14°41′34″N 17°26′48″W
SEX RATIO :  Male: 49%
 Female: 51%
ETHNIC :  Wolof 44%, Pular 23.8%, Serer 14.5%, Jola 3.7%, Other 14%
DIALING CODE :  +221 8

Tourism in Dakar

Because it has strong air links with Western Europe, Dakar is often the first destination for visitors visiting French-speaking West Africa, while Abidjan, the other major French-speaking West African city, doesn’t really.

Major marketplaces, the Dakar Grand Mosque (constructed in 1964), Dakar Cathedral, Gorée Island, the IFAN Museum of West African culture, the recently finished African Renaissance Monument, clifftop hikes and beaches, and Parc de Hann, dubbed the Senegal Zoo, are among Dakar’s attractions.

Dakar is a member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities and was formerly the final line of the Dakar Rally. The University of Dakar, commonly known as Cheikh Anta Diop University, was founded in 1957.

Dakar boasts a thriving music scene and is a popular destination for young people. Take a look at the wonderfully diverse and interesting styles.

The city has several wonderful (and quite costly) haute-couture, embroidered traditional west African Muslim clothing businesses.

Climate of Dakar

The climate on Dakaria is typically warm. Dakar’s climate is hot and semi-arid, with a brief wet season and a long dry season.

The wet season in Dakar runs from July to October, while the dry season lasts for the remaining eight months. A total of 495 millimetres (19.5 in) of precipitation falls on the city each year.

Dakar is normally warm between December and May, with daily temperatures ranging between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius (75 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit). The nights are pleasant at this time of year, with temperatures ranging from 17 to 20 degrees Celsius (63 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit).

Between May and November, however, the city gets noticeably warmer, with daytime highs of 29–31 °C (84–88 °F) and night lows just above 23–24 °C (73–75 °F).

How To Travel To Dakar

BY PLAIN The city is serviced by Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport, which is situated in the village of Yoff, a short drive north of Dakar. Dakar is a significant West African hub, which means that there are many flights to and from Europe and other African cities. The airport...

How To Get Around In Dakar

BY BUS The Dakar bus system, dubbed Dakar Demm Dikk (Dakar arriving and departing), is generally reliable. The fares are XOF150, and each ticket does not include any free transfers. Unfortunately, there isn't much in the way of a bus system map for beginners, so you'll have to figure it...

Prices In Dakar

MARKET / SUPERMARKET Milk1 liter$ 1.78Tomatoes1 kg$ 2.60Cheese0.5 kg$ 7.20Apples1 kg$ 2.20Oranges1 kg$ Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ 1.35Bottle of Wine1 bottle$ 10.00Coca-Cola2 liters$ 2.15Bread1 piece$ 0.90Water1.5 l$ 0.80 RESTAURANTS Dinner (Low-range)for 2$ 25.00Dinner (Mid-range)for 2$ 42.00Dinner (High-range)for 2$ 72.00Mac Meal or similar1 meal$ 5.00Water0.33 l$ 0.60Cappuccino1 cup$ 3.60Beer (Imported)0.33 l$ 3.00Beer (domestic)0.5 l$ 2.55Coca-Cola0.33 l$ 0.90Coctail...

Beaches in Dakar

There are numerous nice beaches within driving distance of the city, several of which provide snorkeling possibilities. Undertows are a possibility, so keep that in mind. Find out which beaches are safe by asking around. The Yoff region has some of the most stunning beaches, but you must select...

Sights & Landmarks In Dakar

African Renaissance Monument This massive monument, which inaugurated in 2010, commemorates Africa's liberation from the repressive European powers that previously governed the continent, as well as the abolition of slavery. It is also intended to be a demonstration of African pride in order to combat foreign preconceptions of Africans as...

Things To Do In Dakar

Dakar has a thriving music culture and is quite popular among young people. Examine the wonderfully varied and interesting styles. Club Thiossane and Just 4 U are must-visit destinations for World Music aficionados.Lake Retba (Lac Rose). The high abundance of cyanobacteria in the lake, often known as "Pink Lake," gives it...

Food & Restaurants In Dakar

Peanuts: The roasted peanuts available for purchase on the street or with your drink order in any pub are wonderful. These nuts are not oily at all, have exactly the appropriate amount of salt, and are occasionally still slightly warm from roasting.Ali Baba: Greasy Spoon serves inexpensive Lebanese cuisine....

Shopping In Dakar

Islam Couture/ Embroidery Dakar has several beautiful (and exorbitantly priced) businesses specializing in haute-couture, embroidered traditional West African Muslim clothing.Marche Sandaga, cnr Rue Sandinieri and Ave du President Lamine Gueye(City Center). A dilapidated concrete edifice with three levels of activity: meat and vegetable booths on the main floor, fish in the subterranean...

Nightlife In Dakar

Le Hanoi You can't go wrong with a pub with palm trees painted on one wall and a French military man behind the bar who claims the black waitress is his "little sister" (opinions dispute on whether he was secret service or just a normal drunk).Zaika Nicely placed on Cornish Road,...

Stay Safe & Healthy In Dakar

Petty crime is quite widespread in Dakar; crime against visitors is common, especially near Place de l'Indépendance. Use common sense: ladies should not be out on their alone after dark. In busy areas, such as Sandaga, keep a watch on your pockets and your things. Be careful of several...



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