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Stay Safe & Healthy In Giza

EgyptGizaStay Safe & Healthy In Giza

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The Giza Pyramids, Egypt’s largest tourist attraction, draw millions of visitors each year. They also draw a significant number of the most determined opportunists from a long distance away. Report any harassment by camel drivers or tourist touts to the black-uniformed (or white-uniformed in the summer) Tourist Police immediately, and be prepared for a variety of potential scams, including “advice” from official-looking individuals that an attraction is closed or has an alternate entrance. Also, be aware that any “favor” of any type (providing directions, being shown anything, etc.) may be done in anticipation of a tip, so be wary when accepting unsolicited aid (though don’t let excessive caution ruin your vacation; you may also meet real kindness). Also, be in mind that certain Tourist Police officers may frequently offer to assist you in exchange for a tip. Many well-known fraudsters will operate directly in front of tourist police, who are either complicit or refuse to interfere.

Tips To Avoid Harassment

If you’re alone, headphones let you avoid the relentless “Hello, where are you from my buddy” conversation starters. Smiling and pointing at the headphones also appears to work.

Avoid establishing eye contact, beginning discussions, or accepting any assistance with taking or posing for photographs for you—they will regard you as an easy target for harassment.

Saying “La Shukran” (No thanks) indicates you know a little more than the ordinary visitor and will not be seen as hostile or impolite. Smiling while you say it doesn’t harm since it doesn’t seem as an invitation to chat, but it indicates you’re not trying to offend.

Additional Useful Safety Tips

When picking a native horse or camel ride, be careful; you might be taken advantage of or placed in risky circumstances. The “donkey-mafia” that operate near the main entrance will use the most “persuasive” and frequently forceful ways to get you aboard their animals, and they don’t seem to comprehend the meaning of the word “No.” When you say no and have to get off them, they will make such a commotion that you will have to pay for the pleasure of denying their hospitality. NOTE: During the revolution, some of these persons were part in the Battle of the Camels, which resulted in the deaths of innocent citizens. Use according to your conscience.

Climbing any of the Pyramids is strictly prohibited and highly hazardous!

Take lots of bottled water with you, as you would anyplace else in Egypt, particularly during the warmer months, and wear a hat and sunscreen—sunglasses are also a good idea!

How To Travel To Giza

BY METROMetro Line 2 presently connects Cairo and Giza, however it does not reach the Pyramids. Take a train to Giza station (not the end!). The pyramids are an 8-kilometer, 15-20-minute drive southwest on the lengthy Al-Haram Boulevard, which the train traverses immediately before arriving at the station. That's basically...

Sights & Landmarks In Giza

All of Giza's noteworthy attractions are focused on the Giza Plateau, which is located at the end of Pyramids Road. Some people are taken aback when they go along a street in Giza and witness the top of a Pyramid rise over the golden arches of a McDonald's with...

Things To Do In Giza

Before you get on a camel or horse, have a look at how the operators handle their animals. You may alter your mind. If you do decide to accept one of the horsemen's or camel men's offers, be careful to negotiate the price and the location beforehand. Inquire to...

Food & Restaurants In Giza

There are a lot of Western fast food alternatives just opposite the main admission gates to the Pyramid enclosure, including Pizza Hut and KFC, so you can munch on a Tower burger and drink on a soda in air-conditioned comfort while staring over the road at the 4,000+ year-old...



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