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Nevados de Chillán

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Nevados de Chillán (Nevados de Chillan) is located 1,530 meters above sea level and has 33 courses and 30 kilometers of groomed and maintained skiable terrain across 10,000 acres. Its longest course is 6,5 kilometers long and is served by nine lifts (five chairlifts and four surface lifts). There is an 870-meter vertical plunge.

Nevados de Chillán (Nevados de Chillan) is a resort that specializes in alternative sports like as randonee, cat skiing, snowmobiling, and canopy. The thermal facility has nine hot spring water pools that are open throughout the year. These pools are ski-in/ski-out accessible.

Summer in Nevados de Chillan is a recreational and peaceful resort with horseback riding, hiking, climbing, and a bike park. It is located in the Bio-Bio area, 194 kilometers east of Concepción and 82 kilometers west of Chillan.

The ski season runs from June 15th to October 15th, however it’s worth visiting at any time of year due to neighboring attractions such as Chillán city, Chillán Volcano, and Nevados de Chillán glacier.

Snowboarders and skiers from all over the globe agree that Nevados de Chillán is the most comprehensive, thrilling, and scenic Andes Mountains ski center in the Southern Hemisphere.

Professional sportsmen and fans refer to this area as the “Mecca of Skiing” and describe it as “something similar to heaven,” due to the ideal mix of high-quality powder snow and volcanic hot springs that restore the body’s physical vigor.

It Nevados de Chillan Mountain Resort & Thermal Spa is a 10,000-hectare ski area that is suited for all types of winter activities and skill levels. It is situated 194 kilometers from Concepción, the regional seat of Biobio, and 400 kilometers south of Santiago de Chile.

It is recognized worldwide for the quality of the snow and off-piste skiing terrain, since snowfall may exceed ten meters and is maintained in immaculate condition throughout the season, which runs from June to October.

Its thirty courses are preserved in excellent shape, including “Las Tres Marias,” South America’s longest at 13 kilometers. The slopes are prepared safely and reliably with the use of specialized art snow machines.

The area in which Nevados de Chillán is situated is breathtakingly beautiful, with pristine snow mingling with vast areas of indigenous forests of old trees.

This magnificent ski center, one of the most comprehensive in the country, is located 82 kilometers from Chillán. It is surrounded by native forest and features nice mountain style hotels, spa services, hot spring pools, restaurants, a discotheque, a gym, a golf course and tennis courts, conference rooms, and bars.

It offers great accommodation, and in its magnificent natural setting, you can enjoy delectable outdoor baths in naturally heated volcanic waters ranging in temperature from 27° C to 65° C.

Winter and summer tourists to Nevados de Chillán (Ex Termas de Chillán) will be able to swim in these curative waters and take in the spectacular panorama set against the backdrop of mountains and the Chillán Volcano. Additionally, it provides a variety of activities such as skiing and snowboarding during the snowy months and a variety of outdoor excursions throughout the year to educate visitors about the natural environment of the Mountain Range in Chile’s 8th Region.

Nevados de Chillán info card

Location: Near the village of Las Trancas, South Central Chile
Elevation: 1,540m (5,052ft) to 2,500m (8,200ft)
Vertical Drop: 700m (2,300ft)
Inbound Terrain:  32 runs
20% Beginner, 30% Intermediate, 30% Advanced, 20% Expert
Ski Lifts:  11 with more in development
Hotels and Lodging:  Ski in ski out Hotel Nevados de Chillan, Hotel Alto Nevados, and numerous options for all budgets 20-25 minutes away in Las Trancas.
Off-Piste and Backcountry Access: Excellent.
Heli-ski:  No
Annual Snowfall:  meters and meters…this place gets hammered!
Ski Season: June to October
Ski and Snowboard Park: Yes, but very small
Night Life:  Nevados de Chillan has pubs at both hotels, however, down in the village of Las Trancas is where the real ski town madness takes place.

Ski and Snowboard Terrain at Nevados de Chillan

The Nevados de Chillan ski area is rather extensive, with a vertical drop of slightly under 1,000 metres (1,530–2,500 metres).

Nevados de Chillán offers terrain suitable for skiers of all abilities, from beginners to specialists. Long groomed cruisers and off-piste lines on wide slopes make up the landscape. Volcanic eruptions and lava rivers have carved out some very unique bowls, gullies, and natural half pipes. Unlike the northern Chilean resorts, there is also some tree skiing (when the snow conditions are excellent), which gives sight and shelter during stormy weather.

Nevados de Chillan is recognized for its excellent backcountry skiing, as well as cat skiing and heli skiing.

The Nevados de Chillan ski resort has 12 lifts, including a combination of chairlifts (2 quads, 1 triple, and 3 doubles) and surface lifts, which are particularly useful in the sometimes windy weather. The ancient elevator system is gradually being renovated now that it is controlled by Nevados de Chillan rather than Termas de Chillan.

Beginners and non-skiers

If you’re here for the first time to ski Chillan, the ski school provides enough facilities for those interested in learning to ski, however the tiny beginner area tends to become crowded and hectic. Additionally, snowmobile, dog sledding, snowshoeing, telemarking, and touring up to the volcano crater by snowcat are available.


There are enjoyable offpiste and groomers located across the mountain, notably the 13-kilometer Tres Marias route. Continue down the run to the base, or if you’re feeling adventurous, explore to the left and right of this run, where you’ll discover nice powder, fascinating terrain features, and more.

Advanced to experts

The landscape for experts is limitless. While the majority of the resort is free of extremely steeps, the majority of the region is untracked, providing many opportunities for off-piste and slack country exploration. The backcountry alternatives are endless, including tours to distant volcanoes, hot rivers, and steep descents.

Nevados de Chillan Snow

Nevados de Chillan is properly called due to the abundance of snow, with an average annual snowfall of 10.1 metres (almost 400 inches). Snow quality is normally excellent in the ski area’s top two-thirds.


There are hot springs (termas) located around the resort, where guests may bathe in the medicinal mineral waters while taking in the views of the mountains and sunsets.

There is no hamlet in Nevados de Chillan, since the majority of restaurants, bars, and small businesses are situated inside the resort hotels.

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