Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Chile

South AmericaChileAccommodation & Hotels in Chile

There are many types of hotels in Chilean cities: some of the most common chains are Sheraton, Kempinsky, Ritz, Marriott, Hyatt and Holiday Inn. There are several hostels and small hotels of varying quality waiting to be discovered. On the backpacker trail, you can find residences in each small town’s version of a local hostel.

There is also a variety of accommodation in mountain ski resorts, such as the world-class resort of Portillo, 80 km (49 mi) north of Santiago; Valle Nevado in the mountains about 35 km (22 mi) from Santiago, and the ski resort and hot springs of Termas de Chillan, located about 450 km (280 mi) south of Santiago.