Saturday, October 16, 2021

Culture Of Grenada

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Although the French influence on Grenadian culture is much less visible than on other Caribbean islands, French family and place names remain, and everyday language is peppered with French words and the local dialect, or patois. A stronger French influence is found in the well-seasoned food and cooking styles similar to those of New Orleans, and some French architecture survives from the 1700s. The island’s culture is strongly influenced by the African roots of most Grenadians, but Indian and Caribbean influences are also visible in the cuisine with dhal puri, rotis, Indian sweets, cassava and curries.

Oildown” is considered the national dish. The name refers to a dish that is cooked in coconut milk until all the milk is absorbed, leaving a little coconut oil at the bottom of the pan. Early recipes call for a mixture of salted pig’s tail, pig’s feet (trotters), salted beef and chicken, flour dumplings and foods such as breadfruit, green banana, yam and potatoes. Callaloo leaves are sometimes used to hold the steam and add extra flavour.

Soca, calypso and reggae set the mood for Grenada’s annual carnival activities. Over the years, rap music has become famous among Grenadian youth and many young rappers have emerged in the island’s underground rap scene. Zouk is also slowly making its way to the island. The African and Caribbean Indian heritage of the islanders plays an influential role in many aspects of Grenadian culture.

As in other Caribbean islands, cricket is the most popular national sport and an integral part of Grenadian culture. The Grenada national cricket team is part of the Windward Islands cricket team in regional national cricket, but plays as a separate entity in smaller regional matches. It has also played Twenty20Cricket in the Stanford 20/20.